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Edward Tulane Comprehension

the miraculous journey

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The rabbit is Edward Tulane
Who is Edward Tulane?
great or wonderful.
What might miraculous mean?
Abilene thinks Edward is special as Edward also thinks this of himself.
How does Abilene feel about Edward?
Abilene would wind Edwards watch to let him know when she would be home from school.
What did Abilene do everyday to let Edward know when she would be home from school?
Edward liked winter because when the sun set early he could see his own reflection.
Why did Edward like the season of winter the best?
Abilene's grandmother, Pellegrina gave Abilene Edward
Who gave Edward to Abilene?
The maid vacuumed and dusted him.
What did the maid do with Edward when she was cleaning?
The dog shook him back and forth vigorously,growling and drooling.
What did the dog do to Edward?
Edward's pocket watch got sucked up in the vacuum.
What happens to Edwards pocket watch?
Queen Mary is the ship that Abilene ,her mom, and her dad are going on.
What is the Queen Mary?
Pellegrina was starring at Edward, because she wanted him to listen to the story.
Why do you think Pellegrina was staring at Edward?
The princess in the story doesn't love anybody.
How does the princess in Pellegrina's story feel about others?
The witch turned the princess into a Warthog.
As a consequence, the witch did something to the princess. what was it?
Pellegrina said that to Edward because he only thinks of himself.
Why does Pellegrina tell Edward "You disappoint me?'
The house of Egypt Street became frantic with activity as the Tulane Family prepared for the voyage to England.What does frantic mean?
to impress people with his looks.
Abilenne packed Edward his nicest clothes so that he could 'cut a fine line". What does that mean?
Edward feels annoyed because she was messing up his clothes.
How does Edward feel about being held so tightly By Abilene as she cries and waves to her grandmother?
Their names were Martin and Amos.
What were the names of the brothers aboard the Queen Mary?
They took off all his clothes and tossed him around.
What did Martin and Amos do to Edward?
Edward couldn't close his eyes because they were painted on.
Why did Edward keep his eyes open as he sank through the water?
297 days
How long was Edward on the bottom of the ocean floor?
Taking him home to Nellie and let her fix him up.
Where does the fisherman take Edward?
Nellie named it Susanna
What does Nellie name Edward?
Nellie's son died from Pneumonia.
How did Nellie's son die?
When Abilene talked to him, he thought it seemed pointless and boring.Nellie's stories struck him as the most important thing in the world.
Why does Edward listen now to Nellie when he never listened before?
Nellie's and Lawrence's daugter. Edward had formed a deep and abinding hatred for her.
Who is Lolly and how does Edward feel about her?
...Skivvy means crazy or wierd.
Lolly ask Nellie,"Have you gone skivvy?" What does Skivvy mean?
They usually went outside and had a smoke beneath the stars.
What do Edward and Lawrence usually do after dinner?
A dog saved Edward.
What saved Edward from being buried under the piles of garbage?
What is the dog's name who saved Edward?
Rabbit Pie.
What is Lucy's favorite food?
What does Bull name Edward?
someone who is homeless.
What is a Hobo?
They would whisper to him and tell him the names of their children.
Whenever a new hobo or tramp would meet Edward what would they do?
used him as a scarecrow.
What did the old lady do with Edward?
...He winked at Edward because he was going to come back and get him.
Why did Bryce wink at Edward?
...He thought it was too late because he thought he was just a hollow rabbit.
Why does Edward think it is too late to be saved at first?
Bryce's little sister.
Who is Sarah Ruth?
She is sick and weak
What is wrong with Sarah?
She names him Jangles
What does Sarah Ruth name Edward?
It is used to make Edward dance like a puppet.
What does Bryce use the twine for?
Edward's ears became saggy because Sarah Ruth sucked on them.
Why do Edward's ears become saggy?
She died..
What happened to Sarah Ruth?
Edward doesn't want to be loved because he thought it was too painful.
All of the dolls in the shop wanted to be bought and loved. Edward was the LONE CONTRARIAN. Does Edward want to be loved anymore?
100 years.
How long is a century?
Who was Maggie's mother?
Edward's pocket watch.
What did Abilene have around her neck at the very end of the book?