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A group of people who share physical charactersitics that are passed on through reproduction


stereotypes and ethnocentrism an rsult in displacing our anger and aggression on which individuals?


A set of beliefs which claim that one's own racial group is naturally superior to others


refers to the process of a dominant group absorbing minority groups


Which sociological perspective states that the purpose of sexuality is for reproduction?


Which type of feminists maintain that race, gender, and social class are intertwined to form a hierarchical stratification system

ethnic group

A set of people who identify with a common national origin or cultural heritage

gender identity

One's learned attitudes and behaviors that characterize one as a male or female


The belief that heterosexuality is superior and more natural thn homosexuality or bisexuality


On'es biological characteristics


If Nathan identifies himself as black than this reflects what?

Gender stratification

People's unequal access to wealth, power, status, and other valued resources on the basis of their sex


Which sociological perspective states that gender inequality is socially constructed?


Belief that ones culture or way of life is superior to those in other groups or cultures

Internal colonialism

Subordination of minority groups through exploitation or oppression.

Racial characteristics

Skin color, hair texture, and eye shape are examples of what?

minority group

A group of people that may be subjected to differential and unequal treatment because of their physical,cultural, or other characteristics

Dominant group

Any physical or culturally distinctive group that has exconomic and political power


The fear and hatred of homosexuality

Ban against gays is what?


Identification of being jewish is?



What type of feminists maintain that gender equality can be achieved through equal civil rights and equal opportunities


Which dominant theory group relation is highest in tolerance and equality

Gender roles

What influences our behavior but does not determine how we think, feel, and act


Which sociological perspective states that gendered division of labor can be explained through focus on capitalism


Which was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage

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