Psych Exam 4

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A psychologist who asks you to write down as many objects as you can remember having seen a few minutes earlier is testing your
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Children can be accurate eyewitnesses ifa neutral person asks non leading questions soon after the eventIf we encounter a person who appears to be high on drugs, and we make the fundamental attribution error, we will probably attribute the person's behavior tomoral weakness or an addictive personalityResearchers have found that a person is most likely to conform to a group ifthe person admires the group's statusIn Milgram's experiments, the rate of compliance was highest whenother "teachers" refused to go along with the experimenterSharing our opinions with like-minded others tends to strengthen our views, a phenomenon referred to asgroup polarizationEvidence of a biochemical influence on aggression is the finding thata higher-than-average level of the hormone testosterone is associated with violent behavior in malesStudies show that parents of delinquent young people tend to use beatings to enforce discipline. This suggests that aggression can belearned through observation of aggressive modelsSocial scientists studying the effects of pornography have mostly agreed that violent pornographyleads viewers to be more accepting of coercion in sexual relationsAfter vigorous exercise, you meet an attractive person, and you are suddenly seized by romantic feelings for that person. This response supports the two-factor theory of emotion, which assumes that emotions, such as passionate love, consist of physical arousal plusour interpretation of that arousalThe bystander effect states that a particular bystander is less likely to give aid ifother people are presentModern-day psychodynamic theorists and therapists agree with Freud aboutthe existence of unconscious mental processesMaslow's hierarchy of needs proposes that we must satisfy basic physiological and safety needs before we seek ultimate psychological needs, such as self-actualization. Maslow based his ideas onhis study of healthy, creative peopleOur scores on personality tests best predictour average behavior across many situationsResearches have found that low self-esteem tends to be linked with life problems. How should this link be interpreted?the answer isn't clear because the link is correlation and does not indicate cause and effect