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Verb Phrases w/ Infinitives

Ms. Mel, Spanish III
acaber de (+ inf.)
to have just done something
acabar por (+ inf.)
to end up doing something
aprender a (+ inf.)
to learn to do something
casar de (+ inf.)
to stop doing something
comenzar a/empezar a (+ inf.)
to begin to do something
dejar de (+ inf.)
to stop doing something
empeñarse en (+ inf.)
to persist in doing something
enseñar a (+ inf.)
to teach to do something
hay que (+ inf.)
one must do something
ir a (+ inf.)
to be going to do something
negarse a (+ inf.)
to refuse to do something
parar de (+ inf.)
to stop doing something
pensar (+ inf.)
to intend to do something
saber (+ inf.)
to know how to do something
tener ganas de (+ inf.)
to feel like doing something
tener que (+ inf.)
to have to do something
terminar de (+ inf.)
to finish doing something
tratar de (+ inf.)
to try to do something
volver a (+ inf.)
to do again