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What dinner menu item would provide an immense amount of zinc?
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What is an effective dietary strategy to increase magnesium intake?-choose whole grains instead of refined grains -choose plant sources of protein instead of animal sources of protein -choose low-fat milk instead of soft drinksWhat is the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for sodium for adults?2300 milligrams per dayFluoride may benefit human health by preventingdental cariesAnimal sources of iron are ______ bioavailable than plant sources of iron.moreZinc is important for _____ synthesis in the bodyproteinWhat are three roles of sodium in the human body-fluid balance -nutrient absorption -nerve impulse transmissionUnder certain conditions, excessive _______ results in water depletion, which is called ________. A sign of water depletion is _________.sweating dehydration weight lossExcessive water depletion can cause the body's temperature to _______. This change in body temperature is referred to as _______.increase hyperthermiaIf the body's _______ status cannot be corrected, ______ results.hydration deathThe mineral nutrients are classified into three categories:major trace possible essentialA major mineral is needed by the body in amounts that are ________.100 mg or more per dayThe body requires trace minerals in amounts that are __________.less than 100 mg per dayAn example of a major mineral is _______ironAn example of a trace mineral isironA mineral nutrient that is not classified as either major or trace isarsenicWhat role does water play in this situation? During pregnancy, the elevated blood volume causes water to shift out of the bloodstream and into the space between the cells. This leads to edema.water is a part of intracellular fluidWhat role does water play in this situation? Tears keep the eyes moist.Water helps lubricants which protect certain body partsWhat role does water play in this situation? Drinking too much alcohol can contribute to dehydration and headaches bc alcohol is a diuretic.Water helps remove waste productsWhat role does water play in this situation? Exercising in warm conditions causes your body to overheat and then cool itself by perspiringWhy is water such an important component of body fluid?It contributes to body temperature regulation, helps remove waste products from the body, and provides lubrication and protection for certain body tissuesWhat is the order of greatest contribution to fluid loss to least contribution to fluid loss per day?1. urine 2. insensible perspiration 3. expired air 4. feces 5. sweatWhat factors can come from over consumption of water?-water intoxication can occur, but t is a rare condition -nausea and vomiting, confusion, & weight gain can result from excessive water intake -marathon runners who consume water during competition are at risk of water intoxicationWhen sugar is mixed with water, equilibrium is reached when __________.the dissolved sugar molecules are evenly distributed throughout the solutionTrue or false diffusion is one of he processes whereby materials are exchanged between a cell and its environmentfalse dissolved molecules become evenly distributed throughout the solutionMinerals from animal products are better absorbed than minerals from plant products because____________ inhibit absorption.certain substances in plantsSpinach has a good amount of calcium, but the _________ in spinach binds calcium, reducing its ____________.oxalic acid bioavailabilityFood processing can also affect a food's mineral content; refining a grain ________ the mineral content of the food.decreasesThe only mineral added back during enrichment of grain products is _______.ironSome micronutrients can enhance or inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. What effect does zinc have on a mineral?megadoses of zinc may interfere with copper absorption and metabolismSome micronutrients can enhance or inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. What effect does Vitamin C have on a mineral?increases nonhdme iron absorptionSome micronutrients can enhance or inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. What effect does Vitamin D have on a mineral?increases calciumCamilla is iron deficient. Which of the following actions should she take t enhance her body's iron absorption?-consuming vitamin C-rich foods or supplements along with iron-containing plant foods -eating heme and nonhdme iron foods togetherGood preparation and storage methods may result in considerable losses of minerals in foods. Which of the food handling/cooking methods below can result in such losses?cooking in large amount of waterWhat are some high-sodium food?deli meat, canned soup, cheeseWhat are some low-sodium food?brown rice, pears, asparagusWhich scenarios increase hypertension risk?-lance is overweight & has a knee injury that prevents him from doing any exercise -bob is an African American male in his 70s -Linda is an executive who regularly has 2-3 drinks each day with clientsWhich scenarios decrease hypertension risk?-blanche follows the DASH diet, consuming 8-10 servings of fruits & veggies -charlie reads nutrition labels & makes sure he eats less 100% of the daily value of sodium -claire was overweight & recently lost 15 pounds by exercising dailyWhat factors decrease the risk of osteoporosis?-male -nonsmoker -participants in regular physical activity -overweight, large frame -African-AmericanWhat factors increase the risk of osteoporosis?-postmenopausal woman -smokes cigarettes -inactive, sedentary lifestyle -slender frame -asian or white -excessive alcohol intakeIf blood calcium levels drop, the parathyroid glands secrete _____________.parathyroid hormone (PTH)This hormone signals _________ to tear down bone tissue.osteoclastsAs a result, __________ is released from bone and enters the blood stream.calciumIf calcium levels in the blood become too high, the thyroid gland secrete ________.calcitoninThis hormone signals _______ to remove excess calcium from the bloodstream and build bone tissueosteoblastsBones in the legs, arms, spine and pelvis grow different rateWhat is not considered a weight bearing activity?swimmingWhich mineral is most important throughout life to assist in maintaining strong bones?calcium