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ASU Beebe. Term II 2010. Tammy Jolley. Principles of Sociology.

If you were trying to measure the social class of people, you would have to keep in mind that...

it is necessary to specify exactly what you are measuring

U.S. sociologist who pointed out manifest funtions and latent functions of social patterns...


Social-conflict approach is sometimes criticized for...

being clearly political

A category of people with a higher suicide rate typically has...

lower social integration

Social-conflict approach draws attention to...

patterns of social inequality

What illustrates/examplifies a micro-level focus?

Two passengers on an airplane getting to know one another

Term for basic image of society that guides thinking and research...

theoretical approach

In his study of prison behavior, Phillip Zimbardo was trying to learn...

if prisons themselves create violence

Small # of people used to represent an entire population...


C. Wright Mills pointed out that sociological awareness tends to be more widespread...

in times of social crisis

Refers to relatively stable patterns of social behavior...

social structure

Sociology differs from earlier philosophy by focusing on...

How society typically operates

Spencer described human societyas having much in common with...

the human body

What summarizes the focus of the symbolic-interaction approach...

How do people experience society?

The recognized and intended consequences of a social pattern are...

manifest functions

Keeping young people off the streets would be a ___________ function of sports

Latent function

The structural-functional approach helps us to:

Understand what makes society "tick"

Social-conflict approach that deals with inequality between women and men?

Feminism and the gender-conflict approach`

Sociologist who called on his colleagues to be value free...

Max Weber


Culture patterns that set apart a segment of a society's population

Today's student are more concerned with __________ then they were in 1960

Making money

Standards by which people who share a culture define what is desireable, good, and beautiful


First type of society to generate a material surplus

Horticultural & Pastoral

Distinction between high culture and pop culture is based mostly on...

Social standing of the people who display the cultural pattern


juddging another culture by the standards of one's own culture

U.S. sociologist who described the difference between folkways and mores


Judging any other culture using its own standards

Cultural relativism

Culture acts as a constraint on human freedom because...

Much culture is a habit, and repeated again and again

"Looking-glass self"

People see themselves how they think others see them

Children learn to take the role of others

Significant others

Contribution of schooling to the socialization process

exposing children to peope whose background differ from their own

Peer group differs from the family in that...

No parental supervision

Agesim means...

discrimination against old people

Focus of Kohlberg

Moral reasoning

The case of Anna and Genie provides strong evidence that...

Social experience has a crucial role in forming human personality

Mead would agree that your _______ may change after a major change such as winning the lottery, or becoming famous...


Single most important factor in being defined as an adult

Completion of school

Erikson's view of socialization

Personality develops over the entire life course in patterned ways

Looking at childhood in a global perspective...

Rich societies prolong childhood much longer

Elderly people in the U.S....

have less poverty than average

Developed "dramaturgical analysis"...


Viewed as master status...

Physical or mental disability

Helping another to "save face", or avoid embarrasment


Behavior people expect from someone holding a particular status


Use of costumess, props, tone of voice to convey information are elements of a...


Role set refers to a number of rules attached to...

a single status

Thomas theoreum state that situations defined as real are...

Real in their consequences

Social position achieved at birth or otherwise aquired involuntarily

Ascribe status

Opposing trends


Max Weber argued that formal organization have the ability to...

alienate people from within them

2 or more people who identify and interect

Social group

Not a characteristic of a secondary group

Warm, personal interaction

Soloman Asch

group pressure

Small group whose members share personal and enduring relationships...

Primary group

Simmels understanding of the Dyad...

less stable than groups with more members

Type of leadership that calls for more distant relationship with members...



ATM's, Climate controlled malls, chain franchises

As bearaucract spread through the U.S. privacy has become...

threatened more than ever before

Illustrates group think...

group that seeks consensus and discourages groups from speeking freely.

Assembled students at a graduation cermony...

Secondary group

Iron Law of Oligrachy...

The few will always rule the many

Arrest for serious crime...

is higher among lower class people

A person who gets rich by commiting fraud while working in a bank is an example of...


Refers to a powerful and negative lavel that changes a persons self-concept and social identity...


Crime is composed of what two elements...

The Act, and Criminal Intent

What describe sthe behavior of a low paind, yet rigidly conforming bank teller...


Sutherland states that white-collar crime is usually settled in...

civil, rather than criminal court

Basic idea behind labeling theory...

Deviance arises not so much by what people do, but how others respond

Hate crime...

crime motivated by racial or other bias

Describes people including alcohol and drug addicts who "drop out"...


Legal term meaning "guilty mind"

Mens rea

Criminal recidivism...

subsequent offenses by a person who has been previously convicted.

Describes a radical who rejects...


Medicalization of deviance...

Theft is compulsize, drinkning excessively is alcoholism

The value of psychological theories of deviance is limited b/c

most people who commit crimes have "normal" personalities

Durkeim's basic insight is that deviance is a...

normal element of social organization

Differential association theoryindicated that the amount of contact...

a person has with with others who encourage or discourage the behavior in question

Income inequality is greatest in which region?

Latin America

Refers to upward or downward social mobility of children in relation to their parents.

Intergenerational mobility

2/3 of the poor population in the U.S. are...


What share of the richest people in the U.S. achieved their wealth from inheritance


What percentage of the U.S. is counted as officially poor?


Globalization of the economy has hurt whom?

Factory workers

Social stratification refers to...

society ranking people in a hierarchy

In what share of the worls societies do we find stratification...

All of them

"Meritocracy" refers to social stratification...

based entirely on personal merit

In agrarian societies, which dimension of social inequality has the greatest importanct?

Social prestige or honor

Belif that social inequality if fair b/c social position reflects talent and effort...

class system

Jill buys a very expensive car to impress her friends

Conspicuous consumption

The wealthiest 1% of the rich families in the U.S. control which percent of privately held wealth?


Gena and Mark are married and have a relatively low social standing. We would expect them to...

engage in different everyday activities

Global region that has seen the greatest reduction of poverty...


Middle-income nations typical per capita range...

$2,500 - $10,000

Modernization thoery claims that main causes of poverty include...

traditional culture and lack of advanced technology

How many people in the world die each year from hunger...

15 million

Dependency theory claims that poor nations...

were underdeveloped by colonialism

Most serious problem os increasing poverty...


In poor countries, the disadvantages poor women face relative to men are:

greater than in rich countries

The text explains that slavery...

is still found in Africa, Middle East, and Asian low-income nations

Type of slavery in which employers hold workers by paying them too little to cover their debts...

Debt bondage

Las Colonias

settlement along Texas-Mexico border. Very poor

Modernization theory is more concerned with______. Dependancy theory is more concerned with______

Production of wealth, distribution of wealth

Povery in low income nation is...

more widespread and severe

Absolute poverty...

lack of resources that if life-threatening

Colonialism occurs when...

some nations enrich themselves through economic and political control of other nations

In the poorest country, roughly half of the children die before they reach the age of...


1/2 of the world stree children are found in...

Latin America

Attitudes and activiteis societies link to members of a certain sex...

gender roles

Point of describing gender in Israeli kibutzin...

to show that cultures define gender in different ways

Women have served in the U.S. armed forces since...

Colonial times

Beauty myth refers to the idea that...

women learn to measure their important in terms of their physical appearance

Comparable worth...

the idea that women should be paid as much as men

the share of married couples in the U.S. that depend on 2 incomes

more than 50%

Gender refers to..

personal traits and social positions

Cost of sexism for men include...

engaging in many high-risk behaviors

"Pink collar" work refers to what types of jobs?

Administrative support

What % of times does a rape victim know the attacker?


Genital mutilation is most common in...


Institutional prejudice & discrimination refers to...

bias built into the operatio of our societies instituions


socially constructed category of people who share biologically transmitted traits

People of Hispanic ancestry represent about what share of the U.S. population...



belief that one one racial category is superior to another

physical and social speration of groups of people


minirity is defined as a category of people who...

are different in some visible way and socially disadvantaged

Based on Scapegoat theory, you would conclude that prejudice is caused by...

frustration among people who are disadvantaged themselves

Repsresent a culture theory of prejudice

Bogardu's research on social distance

Multiculturalists oppose the goal of assimilation because...

it implies that minorities are the ones that need to change

Sociologist who contributed to a symbolic-interaction analysis of religion...

Peter Berget

Animism is the belief that...

everything in the worl is alive and able to affect us

All of the worlds religions are...


Amish people are an example of a...


Not a trait of religious fundamentalism...

accepting religious pluralism

tracing family ties only through women

matrilineal descent

group of people who break away from some established religious organization...


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