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Anne Frank (Play) Test


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What are three restrictions Anne faced in the Holocaust?
Required to wear a yellow star, forbidden to ride in a car, and forbidden from attending movie theaters
Why did the Franks emigrate (move) to Holland from Germany?
Hitler's coming to power
Where was the Secret Annex that the Franks moved to?
Above Mr. Frank's old office building
Which two people helped the Franks hide and get supplies into the Secret Annex?
Mr. Kraler and Miep
Why did Mr. Frank not want Anne or Margot to take Peter's room when Mr. Dussel came?
The rats Mouschi had killed in the room
How old was Anne Frank at the beginning of the play?
What were three restrictions put upon the inhabitants of the Secret Annex?
Moving only when necessary during the day, removing their shoes, burning trash
Did Mr. Frank arrange to hide his family AND offer to help the Van Daans?
How many siblings does Peter have?
Why was Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat so special to her?
Her father gave it to her
What makes Anne realize that she's really in hiding?
Her dad tells her never to go past the door.
What scares Anne most about the silence at night?
Fear of being discovered by the Nazis
Who is Pim?
Anne's father, Mr. Frank
What is "ack-ack"?
Anti-aircraft gunfire
Why does Anne tease Peter?
She wants to have fun and get out her energy from being quiet during the day.
How did the Nazis discover the Franks?
An unknown person (anonymous informant) told the Nazis about them.
Why did Mr. Frank cry when he picked up the white glove at the beginning of the play?
It was a symbol of all the people he had lost during the war.
Why did Mr. Frank leave a Switzerland address at his house before leaving for the annex?
To make people think the family went to Switzerland
What is Mr. Dussel allergic to?
All fur-bearing animals
Why did the Van Daans have a bad attitude about Mr. Dussel coming?
They were concerned that they wouldn't get enough food.
Who is Jopie?
Anne's best friend who was taken by the Nazis
For Hanukkah, what did Anne give Margot?
A used crossword puzzle book
For Hanukkah, what did Anne give her mother?
An IOU for Anne doing 10 hours of whatever she was told
For Hanukkah, what did Anne give her father?
A scarf she made herself
For Hanukkah, what did Anne give Mr. Dussel?
Ear plugs
Why did Anne give her annex "family" presents for Hanukkah?
To raise their spirits
Why does Peter's dad want to get rid of Mouschi?
Because of the food rations
What does Mrs. Van Daan want her husband to get when they hear the thief, and why?
Money to bribe him
What does Anne do that hurts her mom's feelings?
Won't let her mom comfort her after her nightmare
Why does Mr. Kraler not tell the "family" the truth about the Holocaust?
He's trying to protect them so they won't worry
Anne has nightmares and trouble sleeping - is this an example of an internal conflict or an external conflict?
Internal conflict
Do Peter and his parents get along well, normally?
When Mr. Dussel took her room, where did Margot go?
To her parents' room
Why did Mr. Dussel and Anne not get along well?
Mr. Dussel lived alone before this, and he and Anne had different personalities.