21 terms


What is our sun?
Our sun is a star
What is a Galaxy?
A galaxy is a conglomeration of stars
What is our galaxy called?
Our galaxy is called the milky way
Why is our galaxy called that?
Because, if you look up in the night, you see a milky background
What is the Greek root of our galaxy's name?
Galactos, which means, milk. "lactose"
What is the shape of our galaxy?
Our galaxy is in the shape of a spiral.
What surrounds our galaxy?
Greater and lesser Magellanic clouds.
What is the symbol for the sun?
A circle with a dot in the middle
how big is Mercury?
Very small
What is Mercury's symbol?
a mirror with horns
what is the Greek name for mercury?
what is Mercury the god of?
travelers, heralds, diplomats, merchants, and the guide of the dead.
Atmosphere: mercury
Climate: mercury
position: mercury
what is Venus' symbol?
just a mirror
what is Venus' name in Greek?
position: Venus
climate: Venus
very hot, so hot that lead is metal
atmosphere: Venus
very cloudy, which is why it is so hot. has a runaway greenhouse affect.
what is Venus the god of?