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Chemical Texture Services


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Chemical texture services
The process of chemically altering the natural wave pattern of the hair
Soften and swell
chemical hair texturizers temporarily raise the pH of the hair in order to do what to the cuticle
Highly alkaline
In the restructuring process, coarse, resistant hair with a strong compact cuticle requires a chemical solution that is:
disulfide bonds
chemical side bonds that are formed when the sulfur atoms in two adjacent protein chains are joined together.
crouquignole and spiral
two methods of perm wrapping
reduction reaction
a chemical change in which electrons are gained, either by the removal of oxygen, the addition of hydrogen, or the addition of electrons
most common reducing agents
thioglycolic acids
ammonium thioglycolate (ATG)
Active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline permanents.
Most alkaline waves have a ph between
9.0 and 9.6
Glyceral monothioglycolate
main reducing agent in true acid wave
Acid Waves have three components perm wave lotion neutralizer and
Most acid waves in the salon have a pH of
7.8 to 8.2
Exothermic waves heat up and speed up
Endothermic waves must be activated using what
An outside heat source
Overprocessed hair could be indicated by hair that is:
brittle and will not hold a firm curl
Thio neutralization
Stops the action of a permanent wave solution and rebuilds the hair in its new curly form.