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clay minerals formed from gabbers or diorite bedrock illustrate which kind of weathering


frost wedging is the major weathering process contributing to the formation of which eolith material

talus slopes

what portion of an angular fracture bounded granitic block shows the highest rate of weathering

the edges and corners

which of the following describes a characteristic process in the formation of a peddler soil

iron oxides and aluminum rich clays are precipitated in the B- horizon

which of the following is are most susceptible to chemical weathering by dissolution


why is humus layer typically thick in a cool temperate forest soil than in a tropical rainforest soil

less humus is produced in the cool temperate forest but the rate of decay and oxidation is slower than in a tropical rainforest

clay minerals, silica sio3 and dissolved poratssium bicarbonate in the soil water are products of which process

chemical weathering of orthoclase felspar

what two factors speed up rates of chemical reaction and weathering in rocks and soils

warm temperatures very moist

in terrain with steep hills slopes which crop and cultivation technique will minimize soil erosion

apples land between the trees is planted in grass and not cultivates

in which area are pedal soils most likely to be found

a moderately dry to semiarid grassland such as the western great plains

in the rocky mountain region of the united states north facing slopes are typically more moist and heavily forested than the south facing slopes

north facing slopes receive about the same amount of precipitation as south facing slopes less moisture evaporates from north facing slopes

the finely divided red,brown and yellow soil coloring minerals originate by what process

precipitation of iron oxides during the chemical weathering process

which of the following statements about acidic precipitation is likely to be false?

lowered taxes and relazed fovernmental reguations wil result in more private and public sectors spending to reduce emissions of acid forming gases to the atmosphere

which of the following statements out latrines or tropical rainforest is true

laterite soils readily compact and hardened when dried and exposed to sunlight

which of the following best describes the dust bowl?

areas of severe wind erosion on the great plains

which one of the following is important, mecahnical weathering process for enlarging fractures and extending them deeper into large boulders and bedrock

frost wedging

which of the following best describe sets of fractures in relatively fresh bedrock such as granite that are roughly parallel to the land surface

sheeting fractures

what two chemical constituents cannot form by chemical weathering of the feldspar minerals

insoluble iron oxides and soluble magnesium bicarbonates

under similar warm moist climatic conditions why would basalt and gabber generally have higher chemical weathering rates then rhyolite and granite

the ferromagnesian minerals in the gabber and basalt are subject to oxidation and chemical breakdown

which one of the following statements concerning mechanical weathering is not true

involves a major change in the mineral composition of the weather material

which term describes a soil formed by weathering of the underlying bedrock


which one of the following statements best descries erosion

the process by which weathered rock and mineral particles are removed from one area and transported elsewhere

which term best describes those processes that move weathered rock materials and soils downslope

mass wasting

assume that water filling a crack in a rock undergoes cycles of freezing and melting which of the following statement is true

water expands as it freezes causing the crack walls to be pushed apart

which of the following best scribes the A soil horizon

leaching zone

what mineral particles are the dominant coloring agents in reddish brownish and yellowish soils

dust sized grains of iron oxides

which term best describes an accumulation of angular rock fragments at the base of a steep bedrock slope or cliff?

talus slope

in which areas would weathering by frost wedging probably be most effective?

in moist temperate climates

which one of the following statements concerning soil erosion is not true

sheet erosion rills and gullies develop mainly during prolonged droughts

lateritic soils from under what climatic conditions

warm and moist as in a wet, tropical forest

which of the following statements concurring humus is not true

is readily leached from the B horizon in weakly acidic soil soultions

which of the following statements concurring lateritic soils is generally not true?

they remain highly productive agriculturally without additions of fertilizers

caliche is an excessive accumulation of

calcium carbonate in the B- horizon of a pedal

which of the following best describes the process of elevation

removal of very fine sized silt and clay particles from the A and E soil horizon

from the land surface downward to the unweathered bedrock which of the following is the correct order of the different soil horizons

0 A E B C bedrock

___ a common mineral found in igneous rocks is the most abundant mineral in detrital sedimentary rocks


which major component of detrital sedimentary rocks only rarely occurs as a primary mineral in igneous rocks


zircon and tourmaline are dense highly insoluble chemically stable minor

sandstone lithified from quartz-rih beach sand




all clay sediments




clay and fine silt

compaction is a very important part of the lithificatin process for which of the following sediment


a cherty limestone would contain which major constituents

silica and calcite

which of the following best describes bedding gypsum and halite

evaporates chemical sedimentary rocks

___ sandstone contains abundant feldspar suggesting that the sand was derived by weathering and erosion of a granitic bedrocks


____ cement produces bright bright red and yellow colors in some sandstone

iron oxide

what is probably the single most important, original depositional feature in sedimentary rocks

bedding and startification

which of the following would retain the most detailed impression of fossilized organism

very fine grained volcanic ash deposited in an ancient lake

what is bittern

residual brine left after precipitation of halite

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