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N, an excessive desire to acquire and possess wealth


ADJ, extremely eager, anxious, or enthusiastic


V, to tease; to annoy with a constant string of petty torments


V, to puzzle completely


ADJ, made stale by constant use or repitition


ADJ or N, warring, actually engaged in war; warlike or hostile


ADJ, gentle and kindly


V, to engage in petty quarreling


ADJ, weird or fantastic


ADJ, mild or gentle

War of Nerves

war using propaganda, ads and words

Amphibious Operation

a military operation by both land and sea forces


swift military attacks, usually by air


to cruch all opposition


one opposed to war

worked like a trojan

worked til you collapsed

a sumptuous repast

a good meal

slept like a dog

slept heavily

prostrate with grief

overcome with sadness, sulk

lost his shirt at the track

gamble away his life

paint the town red

have the night of your life

a red herring

something that diverts attention from the main issue; a false clue, liar

a round robin

a tournament in which every contestant plays every other contestant

a stool pigeon

a person employed or acting as a decoy

a loan shark


an eager beaver

a person who always want to work or do something extra

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