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The first carbon in the sidechain of amino acids, which is the carbon connected to the backbone, is at the ___ position.
The sulfur-containing amino acid which is capable of making disulfide bridges is ____ .
The only amino acid with a sidechain pKa of 7.0 (when incorporated into a protein chain) is ___ .

Histidine is 50% protonated and 50% deprotonated at pH 7.
The amino acid with the greatest number of sidechain nitrogens is ____ .

Arginine has a sidechain group with 3 nitrogens in
-N-C-(NH2)2 .
In the list below, the tripeptide which contains the most sulfur atoms is ____ .

Cys and met contain 1 sulfur each. The name methionine includes the root word meth for methyl group,
and also the root word thio for sulfur. Its sidechain is -CH2-CH2-S-CH3,
ending in a methylated sulfur.
In the diagram -CHR-NH-CO-CHR-NH-CO- the sequence runs left to right.
Immunoglobulins have multiple chains joined together by disulfides made after translation. There are ____ .
2 heavy chains and 2 light chains
The peptide alanyl-glycyl-asparagine contains three amino acids, two backbone amide (peptide) bonds, and one amide sidechain group (in asparagine). It therefore is a ____ .
Proteins which are made in biological cells are synthesized ___ .
starting from the amino-terminal end
One of the hydrophobicity scales is based on the ΔG for transfer of an amino acid from water to octanol. In this scale, phenylalanine is assigned a negative value.