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Ch. 1, science, 7th grade

Six kingdoms of organisms

archaebacteria eubacteria protists fungi plants animals

Characteristics shared by all animal

many-celled organisms that must obtain food by eating other organisms, most can move and reproduce sexually

What percentage of animals are invertebrates?


Jellyfish's symmetry


What are the characteristics of a sponge?

filters water, has collar cells, is a heterotroph

Where does a sponge get its food and water?

particles in the water

How does a cnidarian capture prey?

stinging cells

Budding is a form of:

asexual reproduction

How are coral reefs created?

from the skeletons of dead corals

What are the major kinds of worms?

flatworms, roundworms, segmented worms

segmented worm's circulatory system is:


cnidarian body plan: bowl shape=


cnidarian body plan: vase shape=


EXample of a medusa:


The body of _______ contains many pores.


The bodies of ________ are segmented

segmented worms

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