Rabbit Hole Scene 1

(Beginning of scene)
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Oh. I thought you didn't know who she-No, at the time I didn't know who she was talking about, because I didn't know he was there. But then I figured it out later, "Oh, she must be Auggie's girlfriend."So you know him.Yeah, I know him, but still. Lemme finish.I'm sorry.So she's all "you *****, you. **** you, you *****."Izzy-Sorry. "F-U, you B" and all that. Just talking like a maniac.Uh-huh.And people are looking at us, so I'm starting to feel self-conscious.Of course.And she's just going off, and I can't really do anything because the place is so crowded, you know? And she's a big lady. Real hefty. More chins than - what does Mom say?More chins than a Chinese phone book.Exactly. So I can't even get around her to escape or whatever. And I'm starting to feel violated, you know?Sure.My personal space, and my dignity, or what have you, so I just made a fist, hauled off, and BOOM!What does that mean?It means I hit her.No, you didn't.Crazy, right?You hit her?Yeah. Right in the face. BOOM. She went down.Oh my God, Izzy. You hit that woman?I couldn't get around her. And she was screaming like a retard.Izzy-What would you have done?Well I certainly wouldn't have hit her. Jesus.And you know what they don't tell ya? It really hurts. To punch someone. It frickin' hurts.Well, yeah.They don't put that on TV. It's all "Now that oughtta show him." But for me it was like "Motherf*****, that killed!" Look at my knuckles. What?Nothing.You don't approve?I didn't say that.This lady was at me.I know. I didn't say anything.But you wanna though.I just worry about you.Don't worry about me. She was the one on the floor.That's not what I meant. You were in a bar fight.So?A bar fight, Izzy.She was up in my face!I know, but it's so...What?Jerry Springer.What's that supposed to mean? You think I'm trashy?You punched a woman in the face!She provoked me!Were you drunk?No.I thought you were getting it together.Don't judge me.You said you were gonna take it easy.Man, Becca. Why do you have to - ?You can't be doing this kinda stuff, Izzy. You're not a kid anymore.I didn't realize there was a cut-off date.Well there should be. For acting like a jackass there should be a cut-off date. Were you on anything?Oh my God.Were you?No. Man, why did I say anything to you?I don't know. Why did you?Look, I went out. I got into a fight. I thought it was a funny story. I thought you'd be amused.I'm not.Clearly.I thought you were gonna go easy, that's all. That you were gonna do less of this.Hey, I'm still coping too, Becca. I know it's not the same, but it's still hard. Okay?Don't do that.Do what?Gimme a break.What? I'm not allowed to be upset anymore?No, you're not allowed to use him.What are you-?As an excuse.I'm not.You're not allowed to use him to justify your own ****. Just don't do that. Please.That's not what I was doing.Okay.I'm hungry. Mind if I get something?Since when do you ask?You're making me feel sensitive. Where's Howie?He's with Rick. They're playing squash.Squash. What's this? Pudding?It's gonna be creme caramel.Howie's a lucky man. Ya won't see me making anyone creme caramel.If you're hungry, Isabel, grab something. Don't stand there with the door open.Can I have one of these? There's an extra in here.Yeah, okay.Well I won't eat it if you don't want me to.No, go ahead. You're right, there's an extra.You sure?Just let me finish it.I can eat it like this.No, then it's just custard.I like custard.I didn't make custard, I made creme caramel. How's work?Don't ask me that please.Why not? You got fired?It never ends with me, does it?Not often, no.Don't tell Mom.How can you get fired from Applebee's?It was all politics. I don't really wanna get into it. Thank you. I like how it oozes.Of course you do.Mmm.Better than custard, isn't it?Yes it is. You were right. Again. And again and again and again. I wasn't using him as an excuse. I was just saying that its been hard to pull it together, that's all. For all of us.Izzy, please.And I wasn't drinking when I hit that lady. Stone sober.Yeah right.I was. I just had soda that night.She gonna press charges, ya think?No, Auggie would kill her. She's over it anyway. She moved out. Went to her cousin's or something.What are you talking about?She moved. Out of Auggie's place. They're not together anymore.I'm sorry... Do you know these people?Auggie I do. The girlfriend I only heard about.What'd you do, Izzy?Whadaya mean?To that woman. What'd you do to her?I told you, I hit her.Before that.Nothing. That was the first time I met her.People don't scream in your face for no reason.Sure they do. You should get out more.Were you sleeping with him? This Auggie guy, whatever his name is? You were sleeping with him, right?Where ya goin' with this?Well Jesus, Iz, you tell this story like you're an innocent bystander. You say you don't know who this woman was -I didn't!You were having sex with her boyfriend!That is so beside the point!It is?It was over between them for a long time. They were just living together because of the rent situation. She didn't care what he did.Then why did she accost you in a crowded bar?Because she's a lunatic! And Auggie told her I was pregnant.Why would he...? Oh my God, Izzy.I know, right?You are not. Oh my God.He's a really good guy, Bec. You're gonna like him. He's a musician.That's terrific.No, not like you think. He gets work. He's a working musician.Is that why you're here? To tell me you're pregnant?Pretty much.I knew something was up. You're not one to pop by on a Saturday afternoon.I pop by.How long have you known?A few weeks.And you're just telling me now?Well, Jesus, Bec...What? You didn't wanna tell me?No.Why not?Why do you think? God, everything's so ****ed up.Does Mom know?Yeah.You told Mom before me?I had to.Oh my God, Izzy.Stop saying that.What are you gonna do?Well, I'm gonna keep it, if that's what you're asking. Auggie wants to, too. We're excited about it. This is exactly the kind of thing that gives a person clarity.Izzy...Look, I'm sure this is really hard for you, for a bunch of reasons. But can I just say...? I don't need any advice right now. Or any lectures or whatever it is you're composing inside you head at the moment. I just need you to pretend to be happy for me. Okay? Even if you don't feel that right now. I'd like you to pretend that you do. Alright?Well... of course I'm happy for you. I was just taken aback. If you think a bay is gonna... fulfill you, or give you clarity or whatever, then, obviously it's a wonderful thing. I am happy for you. I don't need to pretend. Jesus, Izzy, gimme some credit.Thank you.Well I should probably hold off on this then.What do you mean?I'm washing all these clothes to give to Goodwill. I might as well save them for you. In case you have a boy. No sense in my giving these away.I don't know Bec, they're in baby clothes for so long, it'd be a few years before he could even fit into this stuff.It comes up very quickly. You wouldn't even believe it.Plus we don't have a lot of room to-That's okay. I'll keep them here. In the basement. You'll be happy I saved them.But what if it's a girl?Then I'll bring them down to Goodwill. What's the big deal? You're gonna thank me. A couple years' worth of free clothes here. Think of the money you're gonna save.It's not about the money.Well it should be. You need to start thinking about stuff like that, Iz. Especially if the dad's a musician. It costs a lot to raise a child.It'd be weird, that's all. If it's a boy. To see him running around in Danny's clothes. I would feel weird. You would too, I think. I'm sorry.No, I'm sorry. Of course it'd be weird. I don't know what I was -It was a nice offer. I just-You'll get a lot of clothes anyway. Christmas and birthdays. You won't have to worry about that.No I know but-It would be one thing if they were hand-me-downs but-Exactly.It's probably a girl anyway.You think?I'm definitely getting a girl vibe. I'm a little psychic about this stuff.Oh yeah?Remember I said Debbie was having a girl.You did.And Karen?Karen too, I remember.I think there's a girl in there.I hope there is. That's what I want. I mean, either way, so long as it's healthy obviously, but if I had to pick, I hope it's a girl.Me too. What'd Mom say?She was happy.Really?I know. I thought she'd lay into me but...Huh.Thanks for the creme caramel.Sure.I'm sorry, Bec. If this is hard. I know the timing really sucks.Hey. What can ya do? I'm glad you told me. And I'm really happy for you.(Lights fade.)