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credits: YJ


dispersal of Jews around the world


any group that is dispersed from their homeland


Jewish temple

'Promised Land'

a place, concept or an idea that is usually referred to Palestine

High Commissioner

senior British diplomat in the business of imperialism


an obligation (from the League of Nations to control Arab lands)


a Jewish militia

White Paper

1939: British report on Palestine
- Britain rules, with cooperation of Arabs and Jews
- independent & unitary within 10 years
- restricted Jewish immigration

What was the Jewish claim to Palestine? (pg. 3)


What was the importance of the Balfour Declaration? (pg. 5)


What was the Arab claim to Palestine? (pg. 6)


To what extent was WWI a turning point in the struggle for Arab independence? (pg. 7)


Why did Britain and France want mandates in the Middle East? (pg. 8)


Why were Palestinian Arabs angry about Jews immigrating to Palestine after WWI? (pg. 10)


Why did British rule lead to an Arab rebellion in Palestine? (pg. 13)


Why did the British decide on, and later reject, the partition of Palestine? (pg. 14)


Sykes-Picot Agreement


Balfour Declaration


Britain mandate over Palestine


The Arab Rebellion


Peel Commission


British government White Paper


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