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  1. metalloids
  2. alkali metals
  3. least precise
  4. dipole
  5. valence
  1. a created by equal but opposite charges that are separated by a short distance
  2. b the elements in group 1 are known as the
  3. c ________ are available to be lost, gained, or shared in the formation of chemical compounds
  4. d In general, a calculated answer cannot be more precise than the ________ measurement form which it was calculated.
  5. e D-block elements are

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  1. the mass of one mole of a pure substance is called the __________ of that substance
  2. a positively charged ion results from ________ electrons
  3. the atomic number of an element is the number of ______ of each atom of that element
  4. a way to analyze and solve problems using the units, or dimensions, of the measurements
  5. joins atoms together by sharing electrons

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  1. accuracyionic compounds are electrically ____________


  2. ground statewhich group of elements is designated as the halogens?


  3. neutralionic compounds are electrically ____________


  4. carbon-14negatively charged ions


  5. atomic radiusa charged group of covalently bonded atoms