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  1. photoelectric effect
  2. 3.00 x 10^8 m/s
  3. ionization energy
  4. a sea of electrons
  5. lattice energy
  1. a speed of light
  2. b the energy released when one mole of an ionic crystalline compound is formed from gaseous ions
  3. c the energy change that occurs when an electron is acquired by a neutral atom
  4. d valence electrons in metal atoms can be modeled as ___________
  5. e refers to the emission of electrons from a metal when light shines on the metal

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  1. atoms tend to achieve an octet of electrons in its highest occupied energy level when forming compounds
  2. states that if two or more different compounds are comosed of the same two elements, then the ratio of the masses of the second element combined with a certain mass of the first element is always a ratio of small whole numbers
  3. when one atom has a higher electronegativity than the other a _________ covalent bond will result
  4. the strength of metallic bonds is given by __________
  5. one-half the distance between the nuclei of identical atoms that are bonded together

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  1. nonpolarelectrons are shared equally in __________ covalent bonds


  2. isotopesa specific portion of matter in a given region of space that has been selected for study during an experiment or observation.


  3. are similarelectrons are shared equally in __________ covalent bonds


  4. anionsnegatively charged ions


  5. quantumsomething that has magnitude, size, or amount