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  1. Hatching
  2. Vanishing Point
  3. Picture Plane
  4. Shape
  5. Shades
  1. a Lines going in only one direction.
  2. b Colors with black added.
  3. c The actual two-dimensional surface on which a drawing is made.
  4. d An imaginary line on the horizon line where all parallel horizontal lines appear to meet.
  5. e Two-dimensional and can be organic or geometric.

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  1. Gradual change in value.
  2. Three- dimensional and encloses space.
  3. the relationship of one part to another and to the whole.
  4. An area of a picture that is the closest to the viewer and shows detail.
  5. Colors made by adding whites.

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  1. Line GestureDrawing medium meant to show broad strokes and the weight of the form.


  2. ContourDerived from reflected light.


  3. Low LightsThe area of least reflected light.


  4. Three- DimensionalHaving height, width, and length.


  5. Blind ContourInterior forms made with lines.