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  1. Two- Pont Perspective
  2. Middleground
  3. Vanishing Point
  4. One- Point Perspective
  5. Medium
  1. a Material used to make a work of art.
  2. b Linear persepctive drawing with one vanishing point.
  3. c Linear perspective drawing using two vabishing points.
  4. d Middle location in a picture that is immediately behind the foreground and is less detailed.
  5. e An imaginary line on the horizon line where all parallel horizontal lines appear to meet.

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  1. Having height and width.
  2. Greasy natural carbon.
  3. Colors made by mixing a primary and secondary colors together: red-orange, yello-green, etc.
  4. The area of least reflected light.
  5. Colors made by mixing two primary colors together: orange, green, violet.

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  1. AnalogousRefers to light and dark areas.


  2. NeutralColors achieved by mixing all three primary colors together.


  3. PrimaryAll colors can be mixed from these three clolors: red, blue, and yellow.


  4. Color SchemeDerived from reflected light.


  5. BackgroundAn area of a picture that is the closest to the viewer and shows detail.