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  1. Two- Pont Perspective
  2. Picture Plane
  3. Atmospheric Perspective
  4. Vanishing Point
  5. Intermediate
  1. a An imaginary line on the horizon line where all parallel horizontal lines appear to meet.
  2. b Colors made by mixing a primary and secondary colors together: red-orange, yello-green, etc.
  3. c The actual two-dimensional surface on which a drawing is made.
  4. d Linear perspective drawing using two vabishing points.
  5. e Type of drawing that uses are foreground, middleground, and backround.

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  1. Linear persepctive drawing with one vanishing point.
  2. An organization of a color that works together.
  3. Two-dimensional and can be organic or geometric.
  4. The arrangement or elements and princibles with media to create a feeling of oneness or wholeness.
  5. All colors can be mixed from these three clolors: red, blue, and yellow.

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  1. NeutralAn quick all-encompassing sketch meant to show action and placement.


  2. HighlightsThe area of the most reflected light.


  3. Blind ContourDrawing done without looking at your paper.


  4. AnalogousColor scheme with three or more colors located directly next to each other on the color wheel.


  5. Scribble Line GestureAn extended drawing meant to show more details.