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  1. Composition
  2. One- Point Perspective
  3. Two-dimensional
  4. Intermediate
  5. Sustained Gesture
  1. a Having height and width.
  2. b The organizational or arrangement of the art elements in a pictorial space.
  3. c Colors made by mixing a primary and secondary colors together: red-orange, yello-green, etc.
  4. d An extended drawing meant to show more details.
  5. e Linear persepctive drawing with one vanishing point.

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  1. Overlapping parallel lines.
  2. Drawing meathod used on a flat surface to create the illusion of depth.
  3. Color schemes where colors are located opposite from each other on the color wheel.
  4. The area of the most reflected light.
  5. Two-dimensional and can be organic or geometric.

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  1. Mixed mediaLeads the viewer to sense of action in a work of art.


  2. ContourDerived from reflected light.


  3. GradiationGradual change in value.


  4. Low LightsThe area of least reflected light.


  5. Three- DimensionalHaving height, width, and length.


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