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  1. Form
  2. Reflected Light
  3. Stippling
  4. Variety
  5. One- Point Perspective
  1. a Combining one or more elements to create interest.
  2. b Linear persepctive drawing with one vanishing point.
  3. c Shading technique using dots to create value.
  4. d The light "thrown" back onto a shaddowed surface from an illuminated object.
  5. e Three- dimensional and encloses space.

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  1. The area of the most reflected light.
  2. The actual two-dimensional surface on which a drawing is made.
  3. An extended drawing meant to show more details.
  4. Type of drawing that shows depth or space on a two- dimensional surface by using a horizon line and vanishing points.
  5. An art style that is reconizable but not realistic.

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  1. Perspectivethe relationship of one part to another and to the whole.


  2. Scribble Line GestureUsing a tighter network of lines to capture a quick drawing.


  3. ContourDerived from reflected light.


  4. Cast ShaddowsShaddows created by forms and shapes.


  5. Vanishing PointShading technique using dots to create value.