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Science Study guide Atoms

In Carbon 14 the 14 represents
the mass number
When describing in isotopic notation
the protons are on the bottom and the grand total is on the top (Protons plus neutrons)
when finding the number of valence electrons look at table and then
count column 1, 2 , no middle, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 to get valence electrons
Electron discovered by
J.J. Thomson
The positive charge of nucleus and the fact that matter is space is the research of
Ernest Rutherford`
According to current scientific understanding subatomic particles are made of 3 smaller particles called
Atomic Mass
Round Numbers
Atomic Weight
Don't Round
All isotopes of Nitrogen have
7 protons
All of the negative charge in an atom is located in the
electron cloud
Electrons do what around the nucleus
revolve (Bohr model)
What is the difference between nitrogen 14 and nitrogen 15
1 more neutron in 15
Chemical bonding is determined by the number of
Amu stands for
Atomic Mass Units
Protons neutrons and electrons are collectively called
Subatomic Particles
Levels of forces
Gravity,weak force, electro magnetic , Strong Force
Dalton's Atomic Theory
Elements composed of atoms, All of the same elements are the same, different elements are different, Compounds are formed by the joining of two or more elements