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Ocean Currents


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El Nino
A change in water temperature in the Pacific Ocean that produces a warm current every 3 to 7 years
La Nina
A change in the Eastern Pacific Ocean in which the surface water temperature becomes unusually cool
Coriolis Effect
The apparent curving path of a moving objects from an otherwise straight path due to Earth's rotation
The movement of deep cold and nutrient rich water to the surface
Deep Currents
A stream-like movement of the ocean water far below the ocean surface
Surface Currents
A horizontal movement of ocean water that is caused by winds and that occurs at or near the ocean surface
Ocean Current
A movement of ocean water that follows a regular pattern
Longshore Current
a current that runs parallel to the shore and pushes objects down the beach
Convection Current
a current that the sun heats from near the equator and near the poles
Flow of warm, oxygen rich water downward to deeper water
Gulf Stream
Largest surface current that transports more water than all rivers on Earth combined in a years time. Carries large amounts of heat that allow European countries to be warmer than the United States
Sodium Chloride
the scientific term for table salt
microscopic plants living in the ocean
microscopic animals that swim or drift near the surface of aquatic environments
oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, and nitrogen are gases that are dissolved in water