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  1. Qorikancha
  2. Ignatius Donnelly
  3. George McJunkin
  4. Quipu
  5. Susan and Roderick McIntosh
  1. a wrote Atlantis: The AnteDiluvian World
  2. b 1908; African American cowboy, found animals in association with spear point near Folsom, NM
  3. c Ina; temple to Sun god; beneath Church of Santo Domingo; walls covered in "sweat of Inti"; gold maize plants; inca masonry niches
  4. d record keeping device; not fully decoded but made of main horizontal cord with subsidiary cords and knots (inca)
  5. e Discovered Jenné-jeno; 1977, 1981, and 1994

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  1. 1891; had studied Phoenicians but no formal training in archaeology; concluded that builders came from Arabian peninsula (Phoenician/Egyptian); Cecil Rhodes purchased many finds taken from the site
  2. excavated Boqueriao de Pedra Furada, Brazil
  3. discovered the sarcophagus of Lord Pacal (a Mayan ruler)
  4. When presented with two or more explanations, the one that is simplest is the best
  5. "She of the rattles of her cheeks" moon goddess (Huitzilopochtli's sister); plotted with 2 brothers to kill mother; Huitzilopochtli saves the day

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  1. Sapa Inca Pachacutibuilt Cuzco (capital city of Incan Empire) in 1438-1471 AD; name means He who makes the world; transformed city and empire; built Machu Picchu


  2. Jesse Figgins(Colorado Museum of Natural History) realized bones were from an extinct form of plains bison


  3. Joao de Barros1552, Portuguese Explorer documented magnificent walls with no mortar; made parallels with Axuma, Ethiopia, municipal city of the Queen of Sheeba


  4. HuitzilopochtliAztec war god


  5. TawantinsuyuInca; "people of the 4 directions"