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  1. Inca Road system
  2. Occam's Razor
  3. Inti
  4. Coyolxauhqui
  5. Susan and Roderick McIntosh
  1. a "She of the rattles of her cheeks" moon goddess (Huitzilopochtli's sister); plotted with 2 brothers to kill mother; Huitzilopochtli saves the day
  2. b When presented with two or more explanations, the one that is simplest is the best
  3. c Inca; son of sun god
  4. d connected empire from Quito (Ecuador) to Sanitago (Chile); spanned 1,200,000 miles squared of territory; 14,000 miles long, reaching 16,500 ft in Andes, 3-52 ft wide; Inns and llama corrals along road; no wheel
  5. e Discovered Jenné-jeno; 1977, 1981, and 1994

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  1. Aztec Emperor; greets and entertains Cortes; 1519
  2. 1890; Mashonaland occupied by Cecil Rhodes (Rhodesia) for gold prospecting; site became symbol justifying glories of colonization
  3. wrote Atlantis: The AnteDiluvian World
  4. 1519; explored Mexican coast; met Geronimo de Aguilar (Spanish and Maya) and La Malinche (Nahuatl and Maya); Near Veracruz: gifts of gold and feathers sent from Aztec Emperor; he captured messenger and fired canon; built alliances with neighboring groups, massacred 1000's of people on way to Tenochtitlán; meets Moctezuma on bridge and entertained in palace; later returns for 91 day siege
  5. Aztec war god

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  1. Jesse Figgins(Colorado Museum of Natural History) realized bones were from an extinct form of plains bison


  2. Theodore Bent1891; had studied Phoenicians but no formal training in archaeology; concluded that builders came from Arabian peninsula (Phoenician/Egyptian); Cecil Rhodes purchased many finds taken from the site


  3. TawantinsuyuInca; son of sun god


  4. Quipucapital of Inca Empire; built by Sapa Inca Pachacuti (He who makes the world)(1438-1471 AD); transformed city and empire, sacred center, puma shaped city; divided into 4 quarters


  5. HuitzilopochtliAztec sun god