V - FR5H/AP - Le pluriculturalisme

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la loilawla marginalisationmarginalizationla MarseillaiseFrench national anthemla sociétésocietyla tolérancetolerancela xénophobiexenophobia, hostility toward foreignersl'aliénationalienationl'antisémitismeanti-semitisml'assimilationassimilationle discoursspeechle drapeau tricolorethree-colored flag, nickname for the French flagle MaghrebNorth African countries: Algeria, Tunisia and Moroccole patriotismepatriotismle pays natalnative countryle pluriculturalismemulticulturalismle préjudiceprejudicele racismeracismle voileface veilles coutumes (f)customsles droits (m)rightsles HLM habitations à loyer modérélow-income housingles Maghrébinspeople from the Maghreb areales RomsRomas, gypsies migrating in Greece, Eastern Europe, Western Europeles SDFwithout permanent housingl'hymne nationalnational anthemmusulmanMuslimun demandeur d'asileasylum seekerun émigréemigrantun immigréimmigrantun pays d'accueilhost countryun réfugiérefugeeun xénophobehostile to foreignersune croyancebeliefune ethnieethnicity