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Matt swinging his catch __ as he had seen Attean do


To Matt's astonishment he spoke to the fish quite solemnly, a few __ words, then tossed it back into the stream


His father had been assured by the __ that his new settlement would be safe


He pulled a dirty corncob pipe from his pocket and stared down at it __


They were handsome and new, of moosehide,dark and glistening with grease, tied with __ thongs that were long enough to wrap about his ankles


Inside there were shelves along one wall and a sturdy __ __ with two stools

puncheon table

The cabin was a __, the stools overturned


__, he made his way through the brush


He strutted and pranced in ridiculous __, for all the world like a clown in a village


Then to Matt's astonishment, he __ laid a grubby finger on a letter A


__ and waving his arms, he plunged toward the pond


She was an aging woman, __ and wrinkled, but still handsome


Even though Attean had annoyed him, Matt was constantly __ to keep trying to win this strange boy's respect


Attean seemed impatient; his __ mood of the night before had vanishedf


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