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What conditions lead to the formation of the U.S. Navy?
-King of England allowed 13 original colonies to trade only with England
-U.S. merchant shipping was being seized by predatory French privateers and pirates from Mediterranean's Barbary Coast
-To prevent British re-supply
What are the five steps of ORM?
-Identify Hazards
-Assess Hazards
-Make Risk Decisions
-Implement Controls
What is the definition of a category I hazard?
Hazard may cause death, loss of facility/asset or result in grave damage to national interests
What does EDVR stand for?
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report
What are the two parts of the Operating Target (OPTAR)?
When Seabee units are assigned to and employed under the MAGTF commander, which type of control is utilized?
What is the purpose of Expeditionary First Aid?
-Save lives
-Prevent further injury
-Prevent infection
NMCBs are capable of constructing and repairing logistic terminal facilities at ____ when part of a Maritime Prepositioned Force (MPF) in support of MAGTF Operations?
-Branches and ports
-Arrival airfields
T/F: When you end your transmission with the pro-word "OVER" you are ending your transmission and a response from the receiver is expected.
What is the most dependable form of communications?
You are crossing an obstacle when an overhead flare burst, what is the first thing you should do?
Continue crossing the obstacle as though the flare never occurred.
A Tri-Con's dimensions are _____ x 96" x 96" (LxWxH)?
Which of the following terrorist tactics involves deliberate actions to kill specific individuals?
What is the P-307?
Navy Crane Center Management of Weight Handling Equipment
What is the definition of Deadly Forces?
-Force used to cause death or serious bodily harm
What is the purpose of the foreign humanitarian assistance program?
-Complement and do not duplicate other forms of social or economic assistance provided to the HN by the Department of State
-Serve the basic economic and social needs of the HN
-Promote the security and foreign policy interests of the U.S.
What form is used to check out a piece of CESE?
NAVFAC 9-11240/13
In the acronym ROC/POE, what does ROC stand for?
Required Operating Capability
As a member of a security boat protecting a High Value Asset, you have been directed to open fire on a small craft approaching at high speed. Where would you direct your fire?
Name two types of intelligence disciplines?
Human-Source Intelligence
Open-Source Intelligence
Signals Intelligence
Imagery Intelligence
Geospatial Intelligence
Measurement and Signature Intelligence
What is the M-9 paper detector designed to detect?
It detects nerve and blister agents in the liquid state
T/F: The Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) is further divided into the Deliberate Planning Process and Crisis Action Planning Process.
What are SECNAV's Operational Energy Goals?
-Increase Alternative Energy Use
-Sail the Great Green Fleet
-Reduce Non-Tactical Petroleum Use
What can you purchase with a FLEET CARD?
-Windshield Wipers
-Air Filter
On what date did the U.S. Navy allow the Construction Battalions (CB) to officially call themselves "Seabees"?
March 5, 1942
What controls reduce the exposure to stressors by control or manipulation of work schedule or the manner in which work is performed?
Administrative Controls
Define Operational Risk Management?
A decision making tool
Where would a member need to look in their service record to find qualifications earned?
Page 4
What serves as a fundamental element of the Navy's life-cycle control and management of Hazardous Materials (HM)?
-Code of Federal Regulations 49
-Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program (CHRIMP)
-HAZMAT Revitalization Program (HRP)
What does NECC stand for?
Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
What does CRF stand for?
Coastal Riverine Force
What does MDSU stand for?
Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit
What does NCHB stand for?
Navy Cargo Handling Battalion
What does ECRC stand for?
Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command
What does NAVELSG stand for?
Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group
What causes include genetics, tobacco use, and others?
Cardiac Arrest
What causes include drowning or choking?
What causes include falls, vehicle accidents, or sports injuries?
Causes include blunt trauma, aneurism or bleeding disorder?
Hemorrhage (bleeding)
What is a basic group of Engineer Support in Joint Operations?
-Combat Engineering
-Geospatial engineering
-General engineering
T/F: Security "Need to Know" is a determination made by an authorized holder of classified information that a prospective recipient requires access to that information in order to perform a lawful and authorized government function.
What would be found in a Communication Electronic Operating Instruction (CEOI)?
-Call Signs
-Crypto requirements
Which fire team formation is used to protect an exposed flank?
Echelon (right or left)
What are the usable dimensions of a 463L pallet?
104" x 84"
T/F: The two most commonly used personnel/detainee search procedures by the NSF are the STANDING and VISUAL searches.
What does the acronym BEEP stand for and describe what it is?
Battalion Equipment Evaluation Program
Joint inspection of CESE ow Hof outgoing and oncoming commands conducted during turnover
What is the justification for using Deadly Force?
-Only under conditions of extreme necessity
-When all lesser means have been exhausted
-When lesser means are unavailable
The Quality Control Program is intended to be used by?
-Seabee QC Managers
-QC Specialists
Which instruction or publication provides guidance on management of CESE?
T/F: The purpose of the DRRS-N is to specify policy, procedures and responsibilities for Navy forces that report readiness.
What are the determining factors that effect size/location of security zones?
-Threat Level
-Geography of Immediate Area to be protected
-Availability of Assets
What terms describe the levels of Intel?
T/F: Nerve Agent Antidote Kit, Mark I (NAAK) consists of one small auto-injector containing atropine and one auto-injector containing pralidoxime chloride.
What is considered a level of Naval Planning?
Which TOA group is the highest energy consumer?
Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) Group
T/F: You can buy a water-cooler for the office with a Government Commercial Purchase Card?
What controls are physical changes to work stations, equipment, materials, processes, production facilities or any other relevant aspect of the work environment that reduces or prevents exposure to work place risk factors?
Engineering Controls
T/F: The Commanding Officer is ultimately responsible for safety within the Command.
To provide public works support at Naval Installations, Forward Operating Bases and Expeditionary Medical Facilities during wartime or contingency operations is the mission statement of what command?
What form is a seven-part multipurpose form used for procuring non-NSN material?
NAVSUP 1250-2
What should be considered and identified by MAGTF and Seabee engineer planners when preparing input for a Civil Engineering Support Plan?
-Host Nation restrictions imposed on the use of bases and installations
-Assumptions regarding the availability of critical Host Nation Support
-Major construction resources to be allocated
Name the injury: Wash the affected area thoroughly and apply a sterile bandage/dressing?
Name the injury: Remove patient from source, open airway and perform CPR?
Name the injury: Immobilize the extremity and splint, if trained?
Name the injury: Do NOT give the person anything by mouth, call 911, lay the person on their back and elevate legs. Keep the person warm and comfortable?
To provide responsive military construction support to all forces in military operations, to conduct defensive operations as required by the circumstances of the deployment situation and disaster recovery operations is the mission statement of which command?
What does WILCO mean?
Roger and will comply
What radios are part of the NCF TOA?
What is the total length when three Tri-cons are connected together?
How many Force Protection Conditions are there?
What form is the Motor Vehicle Utilization Record or "trip ticket"?
DD 1970
What are the components of the "Deadly Force Triangle"?
Seabee units are required to provide a QC Plan that meets the specific projects QC requirements to?
QA Authority
T/F: Skirmish is considered the most effective and preferred fighting position.
T/F: Since embarkation personnel routinely handle classified information, possession of at least a SECRET clearance may be required..
T/F: To gain access to classified information, you must have a clearance as well as the need to know.
When setting up antennas, what are some considerations to make to ensure proper operation?
Avoid setting up near power generators
What is the purpose of the Rule of Nines?
Gives a rough estimate of a burn victims surface area affected
In tailoring the engineer support to operations, planning considerations include what?
What form is used to requisition material which cannot be identified by an NSN, a NATO stock number, or a NICN?
DD Form 1348-6
Whose responsibility is it to correct minor maintenance, i.e. low oil, water, air pressure, etc.?
Noise greater than what MINIMUM level requires hearing protection?
What does TCRA stand for?
Total Camp Reading Assessment
T/F: Explosive Ordnance Disposal in the United States was an outgrowth of the bitter experience of the British at the beginning of World War II, when Germans, with their air power, began a demoralizing campaign against the British Isles.
How often are NMCBs required to have a Safety Program Evaluation under the Command and Control of the NCG?
What are the common types of alternative energy sources?
Renewable Energy
Fuel Cell
Alternative Fuels
The GCPC threshold for non-standard purchases is currently ____ for supplies, ____ for services, and ____ for construction.
3,000 material
2,500 services
2,000 construction
How long is the JSLIST good for when exposed to chemical agents in a contaminated environment?
24 hours
According to the Naval Planning Process (NPP), what is an output of the mission analysis phase?
Approved Mission Statement
Commander's Intent
What is the ideal width of security zones surrounding a waterborne High Value Asset (HVA)?
1000 meters
What is an operation conducted by governmental departments or agencies in such a way as to assure secrecy or concealment?
Clandestine Operation
What is an operation conducted openly, without concealment?
Overt Operation
What is an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of the sponsor?
Covert Operation
What class of assignment is a full-time assignment of a specific nonstandard vehicle (i.e. midsize/large sedan) to an individual billet?
Class A (?)
An ________ is a "snapshot" of a unit/command actual performance. An _______ applies the commander's judgment to those collective "snapshot" data inputs to determine the unit/command capability to perform in the future.
T/F: Warning shots are authorized to prevent escape and prevent use of Deadly Force.
T/F: When planning a Humanitarian and Civic Assistance (HCA) mission, it is important to educate yourself on the customs and background of the respective Host Nation (HN) because they want to ensure their national sovereignty is maintained.
Which FPCON condition applies when there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity?
What is the form number for a Government Motor Vehicle Operators Identification Card?
OF 346
What is the DISADVANTAGE of a Two-man fighting position over a One-man fighting position?
Two-man position is more visible than a One-man position
When planning to embark cargo for air movement, which aircraft cannot take on the ISU-90 container?
What is the frequency for HF?
What is the frequency for UHF?
What is the frequency for VHF?
What are some limitations of Single-channel radio when providing communications support for MAGTF maneuver units?
-Susceptibility to enemy electronic warfare
-Limited spectrum availability
-Detailed coordination and planning
What is the standard for requesting a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC)?
9 Line
How many characters make up an NSN?
What factors influence the decision to determine if OPCON of any Seabee element should be further established between the Seabee units and subordinate element commanders of the MAGTF?
-The priority, scope, and geographic location of the MAGTF's general engineering requirements
-The size, capabilities, mission, and current location of the organization available to support the MAGTF
-The time or phase of the operation when Seabee units are available for employment
What is the ORM sequence?
Identify hazards
Assess hazards
Make risk decisions
Implement controls
What are the two types of Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIRs)?
Friendly force info and priority intelligence info
In World War II, this battle is considered the turning point in the war in the Pacific?
Battle of Midway
What is the definition of a high-risk recreational activity?
Accompanied by or involving increased possibility of injury; dangerous, hazardous
Who is known as the "King Bee" or Father of the Seabees?
ADM Ben Morell
What terrorist tactics is advantageous because of its low risk to the perpetrator and requires only a low level of technical knowledge?
Under the Law of Armed Conflict, who would be considered non-combatants?
Medical Personnel
A combination of insert type and circumaural type hearing protective devices are required in areas where noise exceeds what decibel level?
What in an Air Mobility Command organic aircraft?
A real-time procedure used to alert circuit operators that an unauthorized disclosure has occurred over a NONSECURE circuit defines what term?
What FPCON condition applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating an imminent terrorist action?
What is the Advanced Base Functional Component (ABFC) number for the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Table of Allowance (TOA)?
In ABFC View, the TOA structure is divided into _____?
Assembly/Equipment Codes
What troop-leading tool consisting of a sequence of events aids leaders in formulating initial plans and time schedules upon receipt of a mission?
What class of assignment is an automotive vehicle assigned to organizational unit of the command or a tenant activity on a regular or continuous basis for official business?
Class B
T/F: The purpose of the DRRS-N is to specify policy, procedures and responsibilities for Navy forces that report readiness.
What are the Energy Goal outcomes?
Provide Strategic Flexibility
Boost Combat Capability
Ensure Mission Success
T/F: Combat Engineering focuses on base camps and facilities.
T/F: The shelf/wear life of the JSLIST is 45 days or six washings whichever comes first if uncontaminated.
What are two common types of renewable energy?
What is the standard limit amount on a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC)?
What are the different types of bleeding?
The Quality Control program is intended to be used by?
Seabee QC Managers
QC Specialists
T/F: All Anti-Terrorism measures should be SCALABLE and PROPORTIONAL to increases in the local threat level and/or unit operational capability.
What is the CAP amount on the Government Commercial Purchase Card?
What type of burn involves the epidermis and part of the dermis layer of skin. Burn site appears red, blistered and may be swollen?
Second Degree
What type of burn affects only the epidermis. Burn site is red, painful, dry and with no blisters?
First Degree
What type of burn is a full thickness burn. Destroys the outer layer of skin and the entire layer beneath?
Third Degree
What are considerations in waterway route selection?
Enemy capabilities
Terrain/bank characteristics
T/F: Nerve Agent Antidote Kit, Mark I (NAAK) consists of one small auto injector containing atropine and one auto-injector containing pralidoxime chloride.
What is the Allowable Cabin Load (ACL) of a C-17 Globemaster?
90,000 lbs
What is considered Level of War?
T/F: The purpose of the Standing Rules of Engagement (SROE) is to provide implementation guidance on the application of force for mission accomplishment and the exercise of self-defense.
T/F: General Engineering focuses on support to combat forces.
T/F: In the acronym ROC/POE, POE stands for Power Over Ethernet.
What is the temporary limit amount on a restricted Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC)?
What is the SF-91?
Accident Report
T/F: The TPFDD is the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) database portion of an Operation Plan (OPLAN).