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Central America and the Caribbean Test Review


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Producing cash crops, such as sugar and coffee
A tropical climate is key to which economic activity in the lowlands of Central America and the Caribbean?
tropical climate
Tourism is popular in Central Americas and the Caribbean largely because of the region's ____
Europe and Africa
Sugar, African slaves, rum, tobacco, and molasses formed a triangular system of trade connecting the Caribbean with ____.
They imported enslaved Africans.
How did European colonists in Central America and the Caribbean deal with the huge amount of land and labor required to grow cash crops?
presidential democracies
Most governments in Central America are ___.
Costa Rica
Which country has the region's most stable democracy?
the Maya
The group of Native American who settles what is now Guatemala were ___.
provided investments to help build the country's economies
Foreigners continued to have control after independence because they
Which language combines French and African influences?
environmental problems, such as water pollution
In Central America and the Caribbean, growing cash crops, such as sugar or coffee, can lead to ___.
water shortages
What is a negative effect of tourism in Central America and the Caribbean?
coral reefs
One of the largest contributors to the biodiversity of the Caribbean islands is the presences of ____.
They can destroy entire towns.
How do hurricanes affect the people in Central America and the Caribbean?
Because of the colliding plates underneath the region.
Why are earthquakes common in Central America and the Caribbean?
job creation
What is the benefit of free-trade agreements in Central America and the Caribbean?
dining on local food and exploring the region on foot
Which of the following might an ecotourist experience in Central America and the Caribbean?
Which cultural celebration in Central America and the Caribbean mixes African, Native American, and European religious traditions?
An ___ is a strip pf land with water on both sides that connects two larger bodies of land.
___ is the business of providing food, places to stay, and other services to visitors from other places.
Caribbean islands have a variety of living things, which is known as___.
Ranching and farming have led to ____.
In Spanish colonies, the ___ system was established, which controlled the Native American population in the Spanish colonies.
A government controlled by a single leader is a ___.
Spanish landowners in Central America built ___, huge farms and ranches.
Poor farmers can sometimes get small loans called___ to start their own farms.