Phrasal verbs with TAKE


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take off
remove clothes/ plane leaves the ground
take over
win a control of
take off
What time does the plane ______________?
taken on
The company has ______________ four new assistants.
taken up
I have recently ______________ yoga.
took over
The new president ______________ the power.
take place
The story takes __________ in a galaxy far, far away in the future.
take in
It was hard from me to take ________ the information that you were telling. I just couldn't understand what you meant
take after
I take ___________ my mom. We look very similar.
take to
I took ___________ learning Japanese almost immediately. I liked it right away
take aside
The coach took me _________ and asked me if I was really serious about badminton. While the other players were practicing, we stayed in the locker room for our talk.
take (someone's) advice
You should take my ___________ and sign up for the course. I think that it will be really useful for you, trust me.
take the blame for something
My sister refuses to take _______________ for her mistakes. No matter how wrong she is, she will never admit that it was her fault
take pity on someone
Please take __________ on me! I have 5 exams this week, please don't give me anymore homework!!!
He looks like his mother; he takes ...... her
Do you take me ......... an idiot?
You should take ....... Christmas decorations on the 6th of January
up on
He invited me to stay and I'm going to take him ....... his offer
He spoke too quickly for us to take ...... everything he said
If you don't take your books ........ to the library on time, you have to pay a fine
I can't be bothered to cook tonight, so I'll get an Indian take......
Just because you're angry, it doesn't mean you can take it ____ me
I couldn't put the radio back together after I had taken it ____

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