Midterm Term for Introduction to Biblical Counseling

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What is the Definition of Biblical Counseling?
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Wrong reasons to counsel someone...Curiosity Need for a relationship Need for power Need for rescueWhat does a counselor have to be? (Three R's)Real, Ready, and Right.What is counseling burnout?To be depleted To be exhausted (mentally & physically) Striving for an unrealistic goalPeople who have a high tendency for burnout.High Achievers Workaholics Perfectionist People PleaserHow to get out of burnout?Define success Have a day of rest Memorize verses on God's peace and rest Learn to handle anger Learn to handle disappointment Keep a short account of sins Learn to cast your cares awayWhat is G-MAIL?Goal of changing behavior biblically Method of questioning Answer to our counseling Insight we have Life (abundant & eternal)Definition of AnxietyTaking on responsibility given to GodTypes of AnxietyAcute Chronic Normal Neurotic Moderate HighThis anxiety has a low intensity, can be desirable for health, and can motivate.Moderate AnxietyThis anxiety is intense and exaggerated and is difficult to deal with because of the inner psychological conflicts that come with it.Neurotic AnxietyThis anxiety comes quickly, has high intensity, and is short in time.Acute AnxietyThis anxiety comes on as a result of real threat or danger.Normal AnxietyThis anxiety is persistent in nature, is long lasting, and is low in intensity.Chronic AnxietyThis anxiety shortens attention span, makes concentration difficult, can affect memory, hinders skills, can cause headaches and interferes with problem solving.High AnxietyWhat are the six fundamental needs in man?Survival Security Sex Significance Self-fulfillment SelfhoodAs Christians what is the seventh need of a man?SinWhat is F.E.A.R.? (w/ Bible verses)Faith in God and His Word (Isaiah 41:10) Examine the fear (Joshua 6) Attack the fear head on (Daniel 3:16-18) Request help from God (Philippians 4:6)What is ALONE?Admit the Problem Locate the Problem Overcome the Problem Notice the need for Christ Enter into a relationship with God's PeopleWhat are the goals of counseling? (Six P's)Purpose Plan Person Practical Pointers Process ProjectsWhat two type of life do Biblical counselors give?Abundant and EternalWhat is the definition of loneliness?The painful awareness that we lack meaningful contact with other people.(True or False) Solitude and Loneliness are the same thingFalse(True or False) As a counselor you are allowed to counsel someone in private or out of hearing and sight of others.False(True or False) A reason to counsel can be because you care for them or you want to carry their burden.True(True or False) There is no risk when a male counsels a female alone.False(True or False) The best counselors are the best listenersTrue(True or False) You can counsel someone Biblically if they are not saved.False