In the early 1900s, the muckrakers provided a service to the American public by
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what were the goals of those who supported the constitutional amendment that provided for direct election of US senators?making the senate more responsive to the peoplepublication of the news story shown and similar new stories encouraged congress todeclare war on spanishas a result of the spanish american war, the united states saw the need to build the panama canal becausethe US navy could move more quickly between oceans.."In other words,our demand is that big business (Theodore roosevelt)regulate abusive business practicesThe uprising of the 20 thousands, what type of labor related action is best described in this song?a strikea goal of the progressive movement was tocorrect the problems caused by industrializationThe federal reserve act of 1913 was intended tocontrol the nation's money supplyupton sinclair,frank norris, and ida tarbell made their greatest contributions to the progressive movement bypublishing books and articles to expose the problems of societyyellow journalist created support for the spanish american war by writing articles about thesinking of the US battleship Maine in Havana harborduring the 1900's, the term "muckrakers" was used to describewriters who exposed the evils in american societypresident theodore roosevelt big stick policy is most closely associated withintervention in latin american affairswhich war is most associated with the emergence of the US as a world power?spanish american warthe spanish american war marked a turning point in the US foreign policy b/c the usemerged as a major world powersea power is the key to national greatness...justification for american imperialismprogressive era authors such as jacob riis and upton sinclair are best known forfocusing attention on social conditionsthe meat inspection act and the pure food and drug act were efforts by the federal government toprotect public health and safetya goal set at the seneca falls convention was achieved during the progressive era by theratification of the woman's suffrage amendmentwhich term best describes theodore roosevelt,john muir, and gifford pinchot?conservationistTheodore Roosevelt's corollary to the monroe doctrine primarily affected latin america byincreasing US intervention in the regionthe actions of the muckrakers in the late 19th century and early 20th century resulted ingovernment regulation of unfair business practicesTheodore Roosevelt's conservation efforts influenced by a desire toprotect natural resources for the are your employers,but you are not our masterslabor leader speaking about the rights of workerswhich progressive era political reform allows voters to choose party candidates to run for elected public officesdirect primarythe explosion of the UUS maine and the practice of yellow journalism played a significant role in thepublic's support for the Spanish american warReformers of the early 20th century frequently attacked political machines because politicians in these organizations often:accepted bribes in return for favorsWhich U.S. foreign policy was dos often used to carry out actions shown on the given maproosevelt corollary to the monroe doctrinewhich conclusion is most clearly supported by information on this given map?US military action was used to protect american interestUnited states senate criticized as millionaires clubinstituting the direct election of senators(US territory and leases) The main purpose of this map shown is to illustrate thedevelopment of the US imperialismthe conclusion that can best be supported by the info on the map shown is that construction of the panama coal was motivated by the desire of US toincreases naval mobility and expand overseas marketsThe US issued the open door policy (1899-1900) primarily tosecure equal trade opportunities in chinathe photographs of jacob riis are most closely associated withliving conditions of the urban poorcritics of the actions shown in the given cartoon claimed theodore roosevelt wasfollowing a policy of imperialismthe given cartoon illustrates the actions of theodore roosevelt inimproving diplomatic relations with latin american nationshawaiian planters urge american annexation..US territorial expansion increased in the pacific oceanthe octopus by frank norris, how the other half lives by jacob riis, and the jungle by upton sinclair exposed problems associated withrapid industrializationwhich healing related to the spanish american war is an example of yellow journalism?spanish troops slaughter innocent cuban citizensThe US government justified most of the actions shown in the map by citing theterms of the roosevelt corollary to the monroe doctrinewhich title would be the most accurate for the given map?united states intervention in the caribbean area