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Medical Suffixes


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Condition (e.g. pneumon-)
Disease from a specific cause; process (e.g. hypothyroid-)
Infection or inflammation of (e.g. tonsil-)
Enlargement (e.g. cardio-)
Mass, tumor (e.g. carcin-)
Condition, process (e.g. psych-)
Disease (e.g. arthro- [disease of a joint])
Being, having, process (e.g. urin-)
Action, condition (e.g. digest-)
Surgical removal (e.g. append-)
Picture, record (e.g. mammo-)
Process of recording (e.g. mammo-)
Process of measuring (e.g. spiro-)
Instrument used to examine (e.g. colono-)
Process of using an instrument to examine (e.g. colono-)
Surgically created opening (e.g. colo-)
Process of cutting, incision (e.g. laparo- [abdomen])