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Title, Paraphrase, Connotation, Attitude, Shift, Title, Theme



Jot down ideas about the meaning of the poem (before reading it) based on the____.


Rewrite the poem, line by line, or stanza by stanza, into your own words


Identify and comment on the various literary devices with in the poem. for example- diction, symbolism, imagery, metaphors and similes, etc.


What is the author's tone? Choose two complementary but complex tone words and support each text from the poem.


At some point in the poem, there will be a____ in the authors tone. This may be signaled by a ____ in action, pacing, rhythm, etc.
1. identify where the ____ occurs.
2. identify the____from this to that.


Re-evaluate the____ as it pertains to the poem. Compare you impressions now with your earlier impressions.


What is the author communicating about humanity or life?

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