PJ23 Psychology- 1st semester

Engineering Psychologists
Psychologists who help design equipment that is easy to use are classified as ____________.
Unusual activity within one person's nervous system
French philosopher Rene Descartes most likely would believe that individuals suffer from schizophrenia due to ____________.
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Which of the following professionals would be best suited for conducting a market research study?
The positive side of human nature
The humanistic approach toward psychology emphasizes ____________.
The primary area to which Gestalt principles are generally tied to is ____________.
Neither Von Osten nor the facilitators could see the questions
Experiments showing facilitated communication to be effective were similar to the experiment that exposed Clever Hans. Specifically, what did both experimental procedures have in common?
Help companies determine which questions to ask job candidates
Dr. Jones is an industrial/organizational psychologist. Thus, she is most likely to do which of the following?
Behavioral vs. psychoanalytic
Focus on observable events rather than unconscious forces would describe which of the two theories?
An individual who invests in real estate
Which of the following is a career path that would be unlikely for a psychologist?
They only look for evidence that confirms their previous beliefs
The Confirmation Bias can be difficult when scientists conduct research, because...
Experimental Psychology
Alfred works in a laboratory at the University of Freud, he runs rats through mazes to determine how long it will take them to form a cognitive map. Alfred is primarily working in the field of...
The number of participants in the data set
In a given data set, N represents
It is based on careful measurements and direct experience
If a study is conducted through empirical investigation, this means...
Reduces experimenter bias
The results are likely the result of manipulation by the independent variable
If a researcher finds that their results are significantly significant, this means that...
None of the above
Which of the following would be considered a true experiment?
An experimental study
Which is the only form of research that can demonstrate cause and effect?
Expectancy bias
The phenomena is much like the Confirmation bias in which an experimenter allows their precoonceived notions about what "should" happen in an experiment into what they then see in the experiment
CT scanning
Which scanning method produces a computerized image of X rays that have been passed through the brain at various angles?
Myelin sheath
Multiple sclerosis is a disease that involves the degeneration of the ____________.
You and your brother have the same parents but look very different. The difference in your looks in an expression of your different ____________.
Which of the following is NOT a brain imaging technique?
Motor cortex
German surgeons Fritsch and Hitzig, found that when they stimulated the exposed cortex on injured soldiers that the soldiers would occasionally move an arm or leg wen a certain location was touched. Which part of the brain had Fritsch and Hitzig discovered?
The brain had specific areas that were responsible for certain functions, these were indicated by bumps on the skull
The concept of phrenology suggested that...
the Ponzo illusion
Which of the following best illustrates the idea that perception is not an exact internal copy of the world, but also based on one's experience in the world?
Gestalt theory
Learning-based inference is to nurture as ____________ is to nurture.
Top-down processing
Your dog has been lost for three days, and you cannot stop thinking about him. When you hear a bark, you assume that it is Fuzzy because of...
Tympanic membrane, hammer/anvil/stirrup, cochlea, basilar membrane, auditory nerve
Place the following in the correct order concerning how a message travels through the ear.
Color consistency
The concept of ____________ explains why a shirt looks the same shade of orange when it looks darker in dim light or brighter while outside on a sunny day.
Human judgment
Signal detection theory suggests that differences in absolute thresholds between different people reflect ____________.
Hypnosis is a state of awareness associated with relaxation and susceptibility
Which of the following is true of hypnosis?
All of the above
Hypnosis can be used to
Eating regular meals
Circadian rhythms are NOT disrupted by...
All of the above
Overdoses of benzodiazepines can cause...
Circadian rhythms
Our Core Concept states that consciousness changes in cycles that normally correspond to our...
The drug ____________ has a greater negative effect on health than does all the other psychoactive drugs combined.
Animals are going beyond simple reward/ punishment behaviors
The findings of Wolfgang Kohler oppose the statement of behaviorists, because...
The removal of an aversive stimulus
Negative reinforcement involves...
Jenna walks into her science class laboratory, and she immediately feels queasy. Today is the day her class is dissecting frogs and she is sickened by the smell of the formaldehyde. However, after an hour Jenna is no longer sickened because of ____________.
Conditioned stimulus
After acquisition of classical conditioning, the ____________ now has the ability to elicit a response that resembles the UCR.
Agitation due to experiment neurosis
As discrimination tasks with unpleasant stimuli become increasingly more difficult we can expect...
Unconscious conflicts or desires
Freudian slips are believed to reveal...
Jeremy is upset and angry that he did not pass his physics test. He is very angry at his instructor, but he cannot yell at him or else he will be in trouble. Instead Jeremy releases some of his aggressive energy on the football field. What defense mechanism is Jeremy using?
A ____________ is a relatively stable personality tendency.
Dream analysis
Which of the following is NOT associated with Carl Rogers?
B.F. Skinner
This individual claimed that we could not prove that the mind existed, therefore it would be much too subjective to study.
The "facilitator" was unknowingly guiding the student in their responses
In initial studies regarding facilitated communication to treat autistic children results looked promising. Upon further research it was found that this only occurred because ____________.
Progressive education which emphasizes learning by "doing"
John Dewey is well-known for founding which of the following areas of study within psychology?
Phony unscientific psychology masquerading as the real thing
A hypothesis is often representative of a larger theory
A theory and a hypothesis are different in that...
Positive correlation
A Correlational studies finds a link between how tall someone is and their shoe size. The taller someone is, the larger their shoe size, this could be said to be a...
Statistical significance
To determine whether results are likely due to the independent variable (as opposed to mere chance), the results of an experiment must reach the level of...
Interneurons form complex circuits to the brain
Which of the following is true about interneurons?
The environment plays a role in how our genes are exhibited
Why is that identical twins can often look different?
A recording of brain wave using electrode placed in the scalp is called a ____________.
____________ is heavily influenced by an individual's expectations.
Feature detectors
____________ are specialized cells dedicated to the detection of specific stimuli such as length, color, and boundaries.
Night terrors seem to be real
Which of the following is true about night terrors?
The most severe cases of "jet lag" occur when we travel ____________.
The initial learning stage in classical conditioning in which the neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with the unconditioned stimulus is known as ____________.
A token economy
During summer camp, campers get a sticker each time they demonstrate good sportsmanship. When they have earned 10 stickers, they may select a candy bar. This represents an example of...
Have a substantial biological basis
Temperament refers to personality characteristics that...
Introversion; extroversion
According to Jung's principle of opposites, each personality is balanced between ____________ and ____________.
All of the above
Sociocultural Psychology is a necessary part of psychology because...
Some studies would be impractical or unethical
Some research questions cannot be answered using human experiments because...
Temporal lobe
Some schizophrenics who claim to be experiencing auditory hallucinations have irregular activity where in their brain?
Proofreading is a task that is made difficult because of the Gestalt principle known as the law of ____________.
It allows us to predict the future
all of the following are examples of modern explanations about why we dream except...
Innate reflexes
The responses in classical conditioning before any conditioning took place were...
Fundamentally positive and striving for positive growth
Motivation is viewed as ____________ by humanist theorists such as Rogers and Maslow.
"How teens perceive threatening situations and thus respond violently"
A cognitive psychologist has been studying aggression in teens. Which of the following is most likely to be the title of his latest study?
____________ refers to proving each subject with a full and honest account of the true purposes and assumptions of the research study, if the study involved deception.
Neural impulses from the brain delivered to your muscles
Every one of your actions arises from...
Low pitched; high-pitched
The frequency theory best explains ____________ sounds, while the place theory explains ____________ sounds.
1 ounce per hour
In general, the body breaks down alcohol at the rate of...