New South
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Poor white and black farmersWho were the main supporters of the Populist Party in Georgia?Disenfranchisement, racial violence, segregationWhat were three ways that the civil rights of African-Americans were limited in the 1890s?poll tax, white primary, literacy test, & the grandfather clauseWhat were four ways black people were disenfranchised in the 1890s?Plessy v. FergusonWhich Supreme Court case ALLOWED legal segregation in public places because it said the Constitution protected political rights but not social rights?1906 Atlanta Race RiotIn which event did white men attack black people in Atlanta in 1906 due to false newspaper articles claiming black men were harassing white women? It led to more segregation in Atlanta.Booker T. WashingtonWhich early civil rights leader believed that the best approach for blacks to gain a foothold in white society was through hard work, education, and economic success?W.E.B. DuBoisWhich early civil rights leader believed that the government should enforce full civil rights for all immediately and that African-Americans must have more political representation?Booker T. WashingtonWhich early civil rights leader advocated tolerance of racial discrimination until black people moved up economically?NAACPWhat was the civil rights organization that W.E.B. Dubois helped to found?Tuskegee InstituteWhich college did Booker T. Washington helped to found in Alabama to help educate African-Americans?Alonzo HerndonWho was the former slave, early civil rights leader, and business owner who demonstrated success to the black community and provided employment opportunities and housing for African-Americans?Leo Frank lynching, Atlanta Race Riot, and lynchingsWhat are examples of increased racial violence in the New South period?Leo FrankWhich Georgian was found guilty of the murder of Mary Phagan largely due to racial unrest, the rise of antisemitism, & resentment of northerners moving to the South?The press (newspapers, radio, etc.) was biased against him.What was one unfair aspect of the Leo Frank case that hurt his chances of being found innocent?KKK (Ku Klux Klan)What was the organization that reformed in Georgia due to the murder of Mary Phagan and the subsequent trial of Leo Frank that followed?Tom WatsonWho was the defender of the small farmer and leader of the Populist Party in Georgia who later became an extreme racist?DisenfranchisementWhat is taking away someone's right to vote called?Expanding industry such as railroads, mining, and textile millsWhat did the Bourbons favor expanding to help diversify Georgia's economy?Forgetting to help farmers while pushing for industryWhat was a main complaint of Tom Watson and the Populist Party of the Bourbons and Henry Grady?The use of racism and white supremacy in politics.What tactics were used in elections in the New South period to gain white votes?

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