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Why could Poland never centralize?

The sejm had the power to choose the kings, then under the rule of John III, they created the Liberian veto

Sigismund III tried to use __________ to centralize, but failed.


In the Dutch Republic, it was _________ vs _________

The Oranges; Republicans

What did the Republicans in the States General want to oppose the Orange ruling family?

They wanted to expand their Dutch liberties involving more economic freedom.

How did dykes help the population crisis?

Using dykes, the Dutch were able to expand out into the water.

Amsterdam was the center of ____________ ___________ and ______________.

Commercial Capitalism; Banking

What were the fluyts?

Dutch ships that transported goods.

What were the three reasons for the decline in the Netherlands?

Trade wars with England, Wars of Louis XIV, and Political Divisions.

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