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Quiero ducharme
I want to take a shower
Ella tiene que cepillarse el pelo
She has to brush her hair
Sé conducir
I know how to drive
Puedo irme
Can I leave?
Piensa acostarse
He is thinking about going to bed
Queremos divertirnos
We want to have fun
Necesitamos hacer cola
We need to stand in line
Hay que esperar
one must wait
El avión va a aterrizar
the plane is going to land
Tenemos que embarcar
We have to board (the plane)
Ella quiere hacer un viaje
She wants to take a trip
El chico trata de armar la carpa
The boy tries to pitch a tent
Dejo de fumar
I quit smoking
Pensamos ir de camping
We are thinking about going camping