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Principles of Endocrinology- Circadian Rhythms- Calcium Control

Hormones are released from these glands and go into the blood.
Plasma Hormone Concentrations are controlled by
feedback mechanisms
These hormones can change concentration rapidly (mins)
These hormones often partition into adipose tissue
Neural activation can produce a rapid (increase or decrease) in hormone release.
An endocrine disorder where there is no response from normal hormone levels
Target cell malfunction
What is down regulation?
Desensitization due to chronic, elevated hormone levels
This type of diabetes has down regulation of insulin receptors
Type II
What is permissiveness
when one hormone enhances the response of a second hormone.
TH increases _________ reception on target cells
What is synergism
when 2 hormones increase each others activity
what two hormones help each other increase sperm production
FSH & testosterone
What is antagonism
When one hormone reduces the effect of another hormone
The pineal gland releases this hormone to help regulate circadian rhythm
Biological clocks are controlled by
superchlasmic nucleus in the hypothalamus
Melatonin release is controlled by
90% of phosphate is stored where
99% of calcium stored in the bones is stored as
calcium phosphate
What hormone increases resorption of calcium
parathyroid hormone
Hypocalcemia is
low blood calcium
Calcium absorption is controlled by what vitamin
vitamin D
Osteoporosis is linked to a decrease in this hormone