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age of reason, influenced by the scientific revolution of the 1600's

law, philosophy, politics

Enlightenment was used to figure out things in nature like l__, p_______, po_______

social contract

unwritten agreement between government and people


LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY believed people were góòd, nature vs. nurture, limited govt., basis of declaration of independence


ppl NEED LAWS, believed people were bàd, strong govt. influenced constitution


equality and education for WOMEN


CAPITALISM, father of modern economics, division of labor and concept of free markets

laissez faire

little govt. involvement to allow markets to grow


wrote spirit of laws, believed in SEPARATION OF POWERS (3 branches)


believed in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, critisized Catholic Church for its practices <-- arrested many times


wrote "ENCYCLOPEDIA", discussed issues of freedom of expression and concerns of equality, volumes include writing by voltaire and montesquieu


FREE ELECTION, RIGHT TO VOTE idea of social contract, believed in little govt. involvment & good community over individual

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