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up in the air

to attain

to reach; to arrive at

a buffet

a piece of furniture for the display of plates, dishes and bowls


to escape by being quick or clever


hard to find or capture

to buffet

to pound repeatedly


able to catch on fire easily

to hover

to remain in place over an object or location

to inflate

to fill with air or gas



to jeopardize

to put in danger of loss or injury

to moor

to hold in place with ropes or anchors


a place where a boat can be held in place

to plummet

to fall suddenly toward the earth

to pollute

to make impure or dirty


the act of polltuing

to propel

to push or drive forward


not moving


grand; splendid


a fastening that allows any part joined to it swing freely

to swivel

to turn freely around a fixed point

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