New Imperialism
__________ ____________________ most commonly took the form of capital investment in the colony
Suez Canal
The British established control over Egypt primarily because the newly constructed __________ _______________ provided a strategic link to their Asian colonies.
German Empire
The establishment of the ____________________ ____________________ in 1871 upset the European balance of power.
. The Congress of Berlin in 1878 sought to limit the expansion of ____________________ .
Triple Alliance
The ____________________ ____________________ consisted of Germany, Austria, and Italy.
Entente Cordiale
By the terms of the ____________________ ____________________, Britain and France patched up colonial differences without making a formal alliance.
Francis Ferdinand
In 1914, the Archduke ____________________ ____________________ was assassinated by a Bosnian trained by a Serbian official.
Blank Check
The "____________________ ____________________" refers to Germany's commitment to support Austria's attack on Serbia.
Schlieffen Plan
The ____________________ ____________________ proposed attacking France and then Russia in order to prevent a two-front war.
Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President ____________________ ____________________ had great hopes for the League of Nations.
War communism
"__________ ____________________" authorized the government to take over most economic functions.
Stalin's policy of ____________________ was designed to increase agricultural output through government ownership and control.
Great Purges
Stalin's ____________________ ____________________ seemed to be primarily aimed at old Bolsheviks who had been loyal to others.
___________________'s followers were called black shirts.
Lateran Accord
Through the ____________________ ____________________ of 1929, the Italian state made peace with the Catholic Church.
___________________ became the leader of Germany by being legally appointed.
Enabling Act
The ____________________ ____________________ of 1933 permitted Hitler to rule by decree.
Beer Hall Puisch
The ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ of 1923 in Munich gave Hitler the opportunity to become a national figure.
Gustan Stresemann
Who was the man primarily responsible for the reconstruction of the Weimar Republic? ____________________ ____________________ .
___________________ was the Nazi destruction of Jewish stores and synagogues.
___________________ refers to living space for the growing German nation.
The policy of ____________________ was based on the assumption that Germany had real grievances and that Hitler's goals were limited.
Fransico Franco
__________________ ____________________ supported the republican forces with military aid in the Spanish Civil War.
The ____________________ referred to the union of Germany and Austria.
Nazi- Soviet
The secret provision of the ____________________—____________________ nonaggression pact was the partitioning of Poland between Russia and Germany.
___________________ was a famous episode in 1940 in which Allied troops were evacuated across the English Channel.
the ____________________ refers to the destruction of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.
Atlantic Charter
The ____________________ ____________________ was a broad set of principles in the spirit of Wilson's Fourteen Points.
The Battle of ____________________ turned the tide against Japan in the Pacific.