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DUO3.0 section1~10

We must respect the will of the individual.
respect 尊敬、尊重
will 意志, 意志の力, 意図
individual 個人
Take it easy. I can assure you that everything will turn out fine.
take it easy のんきに構える, 怒らない
assure 保証する、確信させる
turn out 結果になる
Let go of your negative outlook on life. Always maintain a positive attitude.
let go 放す
negative 消極的な
outlook 見解、見通し
maintain 維持する
positive 前向きな、有望な
attitude 姿勢、態度
You should be fair to everyone regardless of national origin, gender, or creed.
fair 公平な
regardless of ~にかかわらず
national 国の、国民の
origin 原点
gender 性別
creed 信条
Equality is guaranteed by the Constitution.
equality 平等
guarantee 保証
constitution 憲法、規約
He leaned against the pillar and gazed at the Statue of Liberty
equality 平等
guarantee 保証
constitution 憲法、規約
lean もたれかかる
gaze (驚き、喜び、興味をもって)見つめる
statue 像
liberty 解放、自由
A woman passed by me giving off a subtle scent of perfume. It reminded me of my ex-girlfriend.
pass by 通り過ぎる
subtle 繊細な、微妙な
scent 香り
perfume 香水
remind 思い出させる、気付かせる
ex 先妻
Natto smells awful but tastes terrific.
smell 臭い
awful ひどい、恐ろしい
taste 味覚、味
terrific 素晴らしい
I'm soaked with sweat. "Stand back! You stink. Take a shower."
soak 浸す、ずぶ濡れになる
sweat 汗、発汗
stand back 引っ込んでいる, 手を引く
stink 悪臭
Bob was so beside himself that he could scarcely tell fact from fiction.
beside oneself 我を忘れて
scarcely ほとんど~ない
fact 事実、現実
fiction 小説、作り事
His new nobel, which combines prose with his gift for poetry, is going to be published.
novel 小説
combine 結合する
pose 提示する、(問題などを)提起する
gift 才能
poetry 詩(ジャンル)
publish 出版する
An up-to-date edition of the encyclopedia will come out next month.
up to date 最新の情報を取り入れた
edition 版
encyclopedia 百科事典
come out 明るみに出る, 報道される
Ms. Yamada translated the fascinating fairy tale into plain Japanese.
山田さんがその心ひかれるおとぎ話をやさしい日本語に翻訳 した。
translate 翻訳する、翻訳できる
fascinating 魅了する、魅力的な
fairy story/tale おとぎ話
tale 物語
plain 簡素な、地味な
The following passage is quoted from a well-known fable.
following 次の、以下の
passage 一節、引用された部分
quote 引用する、引合いに出す
well known 周知の
fable 寓話、作り話
Are you familiar with contemporary literature? "I know next to nothing about it."
「現代文学に詳しいですが?」 「ほとんど知りません。」
familiar with ~をよく知っている、~になじんでいる
contemporary 現代の
literature 文学
next to ほとんど...
At times I confuse "curve" with "carve."
at times ときどき
confuse 混乱させる
curve 曲線、屈曲
carve 彫刻する、(肉を)切り分ける
Don't be shy. Your pronunciation is more or less correct.
shy 内気な、はにかみ屋の
pronounce 発音する
more or less 大体
correct 正しい、正確な
This article contains tips for those who are eager to increase their vocabulary.
article 記事
contain 含む、入っている
tip 助言, 情報
eager 熱心な、真剣な
increase 増やす、拡大する
vocabulary 語彙(力)
His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.
latest 最新の
work 作品
display 表示する、表す
hall 玄関の広間, 玄関, 廊下
fabulous 信じられない程素晴らしい
description 描写、説明
Could you move over a little? "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize I was taking up so much space."
「少し詰めていただけませんか?」「あ、ごめんなさい。こんなに 場所を取っていたなんて気付きませんでした。」
move over 詰めて場所を空ける
realize 気付く、十分に理解する
take up 取り上げる、連れていく
What's this ugly object? "This is a piece of abstract art!"
「この不格好な物体は何?」 「これは抽象芸術の作品だよ!」
ugly 見苦しい、険悪な
object 物体、物
abstract 抽象的な
I begged Richie to lend me a hundred bucks, but he shook his head, saying, "I'm broke, too."
beg 懇願する、施しを乞う
lend 貸す
buck ドル
shake one's head 首を横に振る
flat broke すっからかんの
I'm apt to buy things on impulse whenever something is on sale." "So am I.
「安売りをしているといつも衝動買いしてしまうたちです。」 「私も。」
apt ...しがちな, ...しそうな
impulse 衝動
As it is, ordinary people cannot afford to purchase such luxuries.
as it were いわば
ordinary 通常の、普通の
can afford する余裕がある
purchase 購入する
luxury 贅沢
As we anticipated, the unemployment rate has risen three quarters in a row.
anticipate 予想する、予期する
unemployment 失業
rate 利率
rise 増加、増加量
quarter 4分の1、四半期
row 列
I have to cut down on my expenses, so from now on, I'm going to keep track of them on a daily basis.
cut down on ~ ~を減らす
expense 経費、出費
from now on これからずっと、今後は
track 足跡、小道
daily 日常の
basis 基礎
In any case, the union has to compromise to a certain extent.
case ケース
union 組合
compromise 妥協する
certain 確かな、確信している
extent 範囲、程度
Competent mechanics are in great demand, so they earn decent wages.
competent 有能な、腕のいい
mechanic 修理工、整備士
demand 需要
earn 稼ぐ、獲得する
decent 悪くない、良識にかなった
wage 賃金
The president announced a concrete plan to carry out welfare reform.
president 社長、大統領
announce 発表する
concrete 明確な、具体的な
carry out ~を実施する、行う
welfare 福祉、生活保護
reform 改革する
His policy will no doubt lead to dismal consequences. It needs a thorough review.
policy 方針
doubt 疑い、疑惑
beyond かなたに
lead 先頭、優位
dismal 陰惨な, 憂鬱な
consequence 結果、影響
thorough 徹底的な
review 再検討、論評
It goes without saying that the aging of society is inevitable.
age 年をとる, 熟成する
inevitable 避けられない
Please take a look at this chart. It indicates that juvenile delinquency is on the increase at an alarming rate.
take a look 見る
chart 表、グラフ
juvenile 青少年の、子供の
delinquency 非行
alarming 危機が迫った
In many business districts, there are a lot of vacant lots which have been for sale for years.
district 地区、地域
sale 売上
The population density in the metropolis is gradually decreasing.
population 人口
density 密集、密度
metropolitan 都会の、大都市の
gradually 徐々に
decrease 減少
In all likelihood, the birthrate will continue to decline steadily for years to come.
likelihood 見込み
birthrate 出生率
continue 続ける、持続する
decline 減退、減少
steadily 着実に、ずっと
to come 来たるべき
The power plant supplies the remote county with electricity.
power 力
plant 工場
supply 供給、備蓄
remote 人里離れた
county 郡
electric 電気の、電動式の
You are not allowed to operate this device without permission.
allow 認める、許可する
operate 作動する, 仕事をする
device 装置、機器
permission 許可
In fact, the inhabitants have been exposed to radiation.
in fact つまり
inhabit 住む、生息する
expose 触れさせる、さらす
radiation 放射線、放射能
One cannot emphasize too much the potential danger of nuclear energy.
too much ひどすぎる, 抜群だ
emphasize 強調する
potential 可能性、潜在力
danger 危険(状態)、危険性
nuclear 核の、原子力の
energy 活力、エネルギー
For years the press overlooked the problem. But now, if anything, they are making too much of it.
press 押す、押し付ける
overlook 見過ごす
if anything どちらかと言えば, しいて言えば
As well as cultivating grain, the farmer runs a grocery store.
as well as 同様に, ...はもちろん
cultivate 耕す
grain 穀物
farmer 農夫、農場経営者
run 経営する
grocery store 食料雑貨店
The research institute was established in the late 1960s.
research 調査
institute 専門学校、研究所
late 遅い、遅れた
Why don't you consult Starr in person? He's by far the most prominent attorney around here.
スターさんに直接相談したらどうですか? この辺りでは文句なしでいちばん有名な弁護士ですよ。
consult 相談する
in person 自分で
by far とても遥かに
prominent 卓越した
attorney 弁護士
I'll write it down just in case, because I have a bad memory.
write down 書き留める
just in case 万一~に備えて
memory 記憶(力)、思い出
The lawyer recommended that his client take legal action against the insurance company.
recommend 勧める、推薦する
client 顧客、クライアント
legal 合法の
action 行為、行動
insurance 保険、保証
They are entitled to be compensated for their injuries.
entitled to ~の権利がある
compensate 補償をする
injury 怪我、負傷
So far, no less than 200 people have died of the flu epidemic.
so far 今まで、それまで
no less than 同じだけの
flu インフルエンザ
epidemic (病気の)流行
The effect of those pills is intense but brief.
effect 影響
pill 錠剤
intense 激しい、強烈な
brief 短時間の、簡潔な
He has a habit of biting his nails. It's absolutely disgusting.
habit 癖、習慣
bite 噛むこと, 一口
nail つめ, けづめ
absolutely 絶対に、完全に
disgusting むかむかする, 愛想がつきるほどの
My grandma strained her back when she bent down to hug my son.
grandma おばあちゃん
strain 負担、重圧
back 背中、腰
bend 曲げる
hug 抱きしめること, 抱き込み
If you have a stiff neck, try an herbal remedy.
stiff 凝った, 滑らかに動かない
herbal 薬草の, 草の, 草本の
remedy 治療法
Medical breakthroughs have brought about great benefits for humanity as a whole.
medical 医学の、医療の
breakthrough 躍進
bring about ~を引き起こす
benefit 利点、手当て
humanity 人類
as a whole 全体として
We can't apply cloning techniques to cattle, let alone human beings. It's forbidden.
クローン技術は人間にはもちろん、牛にも応用してはいけない。 絶対にしてはならないことだ。
apply 応募する
clone クローン
technique 技術、技法
cattle 畜牛、ウシ
let alone かまわないでおく, 触らないでおく
human 人間, 人類
forbid 禁じる
Whales are classified as mammals.
whale クジラ
classify 分類する
mammal 哺乳類
The theory of evolution is beyond the reach of my imagination.
theory 理論、説
evolution 進化
imagination 想像(力)
The biologist is proud of his historic discovery and doesn't mind boasting about it.
biology 生物学
proud 誇りに思う、高慢な
historic 歴史的な
boast 自慢する
On ethical grounds, they are opposed to so-called gene therapy
ethic 倫理
ground 土壌、地面
oppose 反対する
gene 遺伝子
therapy 療法
The initial symptoms of the disease are fever and a sore throat.
initial 初期の、当初の
symptom 症状
disease 病気
fever 熱
sore 痛い、筋肉痛を起こした
throat 喉
The structure of the brain is complex.
structure 構造
brain 脳
complex 複雑な
Owing to illness, some representatives were absent from the annual conference.
owing to ...のために
illness 病気、疾患
representative 代表する
absent 欠席の
annual 年の、年一回の
conference 会議、協議会
Little by little, my son-in-law is recovering from stomach cancer, and now he is in good spirits.
little by little 少しずつ
recover 回復する、取り戻す
stomach 胃、腹部、腹
cancer 癌
spirit 精神、神霊
This is fake, isn't it?" "Hey, it's a genuine antique." "No way!"
「これって偽物だろう?」 「何言ってるの。本物の骨蓮品よ。」 「まさか!」
fake 偽物, 虚報
genuine 本物の
antique アンティーク
Anything else? "That's it." "For here or to go?" "To go."
How much is this rug? "$100 including tax." "OK, I'll take it."
rug 敷物, 毛皮の敷物
including 含めて
tax 税金
I don't think those pants look good on you. Try these on. They're really in now!
pants ズボン
look good 見栄えがいい
He got out of the cab in haste, saying, "Keep the change."
get out 降りる
cab タクシー
haste 急ぐこと、迅速
keep the change お釣りをとっておく
Delivery service is available to our customers for a slight extra charge.
deliver 配達する
service サービス
available 入手できる、使用できる
customer 顧客
slight わずかな
extra 追加の、余分の
charge 料金
It's on me. "No. You treat me every time we eat out." "Well, okay. Let's split the check then."
「これは僕のおごり。」 「だめよ。外食のときはいつもおごってもらっていいるし。」 「う~ん、わかった。じゃあ割り勘にしよう。」
treat ごちそうする
every time たびごとに, 例外なく
split 割る、分ける
check 小切手
While I was hanging out at the mall, I ran into Ken.
hang out 身を乗り出す, だらりと垂れる
mall ショッピングセンター
run into 衝突する
run into ~とばったり出会う
I was short of cash, so I withdrew the $100 that I had deposited in my bank account last week.
withdraw 引き出す、取り出す
deposit 預ける
account 口座、勘定
On her way home she was robbed of her purse.
on the way 途中で
rob 奪う
purse (女性用の)ハンドバッグ、財布
That's odd! Tell me how it happened. "I'll explain it to you later."
「それは変だわ。どうしてそんなことが起きたのか教えて。」 「後で説明するよ。」
odd 変な、奇妙な
happen 起こる
explain 説明する、釈明する
My parents gave me a 6 pm curfew as a punishment because I broke my promise.
curfew 夜間外出禁止令
punishment 刑罰、罰
As the proverb goes, "The end justifies the means."
諺にある通り、「嘘も方便 (目的が手段を正当化する)」。
end 目的
proverb 格言
justify 正当化する、弁解する
means 方法、手段
Now that I've found that there's no one to turn to, I'll have to stand on my own two feet.
now that 今や~だから, ~してみると
turn to 頼る, 調べる
The chairman cut me off, saying, "Time to wind things up. Let's take a vote."
chairman 会長、議長
cut off 切り捨てる
wind 巻き付ける, 包む
vote 投票する、票決する
We exchanged frank opinions in the meeting, but consensus is yet to be reached regarding this matter.
exchange 交換する、両替する
frank 率直な
opinion 意見
meeting 会議
consensus (意見・証言などの)一致、同意
regarding に関して
matter 事柄、問題
Do you agree or disagree with him? "I'm on his side."
「あなたは彼と同じ意見? それとも違うの?」「彼のほうを支持するよ。」
agree 同意する、賛成する
disagree 争う、意見が合わない
side 側に立つ
Strictly speaking, his view differs somewhat from mine.
strict 厳しい
view 景色、眺め
differ 違う
somewhat 多少、いくらか
Could you go over it again? I couldn't make out what you were getting at.
もう一度詳しく説明していただけませんか? お話の意図がわかりませんでした。
make out 理解する
get at ほのめかす
No one backed me up at first, but eventually I talked everyone into going along with my plan.
back up 後退する
at first 最初は
eventually いつかは、結局は
go along with 賛成する, と協調する
I admire your perseverance, courage and wisdom. "You flatter me!"
admire 賞賛する、敬服する
perseverance 忍耐
courage 勇気
wisdom 知恵、賢明さ
flatter お世辞を言う、嬉しくさせる
In making a decision, I rely not on logic but on instinct.
decision 決断
rely on ~に頼る
logic 論理
instinct 本能、直観
He came up with an ingenious, sensible solution and immediately put it into practice.
come up with ~を思いつく、考え出す
ingenious 発明の才のある, 器用な
sensible 賢明な
solution 答え、解決策
immediately 直ちに、早速
put into practice 実践する
From an objective viewpoint, the former is inferior to the latter.
objective 目標
viewpoint 観点、見解
former 前の
inferior to ~よりも劣る
latter 後者の
Your idea sounds marvelous in theory, yet I don't think it will work in practice.
sound 感じ
marvelous 素晴らしい
in theory 理論上は
yet それにもかかわらず
We expected him to defeat his opponent, but he failed to live up to our expectations.
expect 予期する、予想する
defeat 負かす
opponent 敵対者、競争相手
fail 失敗する、しそこなう
live up to ~に応える、沿う
expectation 期待、予想
Ironically, despite their best endeavors, their mission resulted in complete failure.
ironically 皮肉に
despite にもかかわらず
endeavor 試み、努力
mission 任務、使命
result in ~という結果になる
complete 完了する
failure 失敗
Her genius makes up for her lack of firsthand experience.
genius 天才
make up for ~の埋め合わせをする、~を補う
lack 不足、欠乏
firsthand 直接の
experience 経験
She possesses a great capacity for overcoming any obstacle.
possess 所有する
capacity 能力、力量
overcome 克服する
obstacle 障害、障害物
Without your solid support, the deal would have fallen through. I'm grateful to you.
without ...がなく, うわべは
solid 固体の、中まで同質の
support 支え、支援
deal 取引、案件
fall through 失敗に終わる
grateful 感謝する
Bringing flammable items into the cabin is prohibited.
flammable 燃えやすい
item 品目
cabin 客室
prohibit 禁じる
Our flight to Vienna was delayed on account of a minor accident.
flight フライト、便
delay 遅らせる、進行を妨げる
on account of ~ ~のため(原因・理由)
minor 小さいほうの
accident 事故、偶然
The plane blew up and plunged into the ocean, killing all the people on board.
board 取締役会
plane 飛行機
blow up 爆発する, 爆破する
plunge 急落(する)
ocean 大洋, 海
They are working around the clock looking into the cause of the crash.
around the clock 24時間ぶっ通しで
look into ~を調べる
cause 原因、理由
Unfortunately, few passengers survived the catastrophe.
crash 衝突する、墜落する
unfortunately 残念ながら
few ほとんどない、いくらかの
passenger 乗客
survive 生き残る、なんとかやっていく
catastrophe 突然の大災害、大惨事
The aviation expert analyzed the statistics in detail.
aviation 航空
expert 達人、専門家
analyze data データを分析する
statistics 統計
detail 詳細
On behalf of all the staff, I'd like to express our sympathy for the victims.
on behalf of ~を代表して
staff 職員、社員
express 述べる、表現する
sympathy 同情、弔慰
victim 被害者、犠牲者
In a sense, he is to blame for the disaster.
sense 感覚、センス
blame 責める、(人の)せいにする
disaster 災害、災難
The vehicles are inspected for defects every three months.
vehicle 乗物
inspect 調べる、検査する
defect 欠陥、不備
every 毎...
I was amazed to see that our utility bills came to so much
amaze びっくり仰天させる
utility 有用性
bill 請求書
come to 生じる
Turn the faucet off! mom yelled in a rage
faucet 蛇口
yell 大声をあげる
rage 激怒、猛威
Tighten the lid so the food doesn't go bad.
tighten (規則、制限などを)強化する
lid 蓋
go bad 腐る, 堕落する
Can I borrow your scissors? "Sure, here you are."
borrow 借りる
scissor はさみで切り取る
sure 確信している、きっと~だ
You can substitute some transparent glue for a needle and thread.
substitute 代わりになる
transparent 透明な、透けて見える
glue のり
needle 針、注射
thread 糸
I dyed this fabric and it shrank
dye 染める
fabric 生地
shrink 縮む
I'm getting rid of this leather jacket because it's worn out at the elbows.
get rid of ~を取り除く、処分する
wear すり減らす, 使い古す
leather 革、革製品
elbow 肘
Add some flour to the mixture and stir it until it becomes thick.
add 加える、足す
flour 小麦粉、粉
mixture 混合物、混合
stir かき混ぜる
thick 厚い、濃い
What should we do with the leftovers? "Keep them in the fridge for now. I'll heat them in the microwave later."
「残り物をどうしよう?」 「とりあえず冷蔵庫に入れておいて。 後で電子レンジで温め直すよ。」
leftover 残り物
fridge 冷蔵庫
microwave 電子レンジ
I could have laid out all that money on a new PC, but on second thought I decided to put some aside for a rainy day.
lay out 広げる, 並べる
on second thought 考え直して
decide 決心する、決める
put aside 取っておく、蓄える
for a rainy day 万一の場合に備えて
A cell phone has become something of a necessity, and I can't do without one.
cellphone 携帯電話
necessity 必要性
do without ...なしで済ます, ...がなくてもいい
No sooner had I sat back and relaxed than my wife asked me to do the chores.
sit back 深く腰掛ける, 休む
relax がくつろぐ, 楽にする
chore 雑用
She laid the baby down and lay down beside him.
lay 横たえる、置く
lie 横たわる
Put this stuff away! It's in the way.
put away ~を収納する、片付ける
stuff もの
When the kids made believe they were dinosaurs, they were scolded by their mother.
make believe ふりをする
dinosaur 恐竜
scold 叱る
After he bumped into the shelf, the priceless china fell and shattered into fragments.
bump ぶつける, 突き当たる
shelf 棚
priceless 非常に貴重な
china 磁器, 陶磁器, 瀬戸物
shatter 粉々にする
fragment 破片、断片
Can you keep an eye on my kids for a while? I need to pick up Ken. "No problem."
keep an eye on ~から目を離さない、~に注意する
pick up 乗せる, 車で迎えに行く
Our neighbor told us off for making a mess in his yard.
neighbor 隣近所の人
tell off 非難する
mess 乱れた状態、汚れたもの
yard 庭
Dolly resembles her big sister in every way. You can't tell them apart.
resemble 似ている
tell apart 見分ける
As a rule, twins have a lot in common.
rule ルール、規則
common 共通
twin 双子, 双子の一方
I'm tired of doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and so on!
tired 疲れている
dish 皿
laundry 洗濯、洗濯物
and so on ...など
My favorite pastime is strolling along the shore. It's pleasant.
tired 疲れている
dish 皿
laundry 洗濯、洗濯物
and so on ...など
I'm exhausted! Let's take a break in the shade. "Why not?"
exhaust 疲れ果てさせる、使い尽くす
take a break 休憩する、一休みする
shade 陰、日陰
Bob, this vending machine is out of order. "Oh no! I'm dying of thirst!"
order 順序、順位
be dying to したくてたまらない
thirst 喉の渇き
He fainted with hunger and fatigue, but came to after a while.
faint 気絶
fatigue 疲労(感)
hunger 空腹、渇望
come to 意識を回復する
after a while しばらくすると
The auditorium was empty except for a single piece of furniture.
auditorium 講堂
empty 空の、中身のない
except for 除いては, ...がなければ
furniture 家具