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  1. PT/INR
  2. hypocalcemia
  3. hyperchromic
  4. formed elements of the blood
  5. anticoagulant therapy
  1. a erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes
  2. b can be increased by antibiotics, aspirin, cimetidine; prothombin time in INR range. Can decrease with barbiturates, oral contraceptives, HRT, vitamin K, foods high in vitamin K/potassium
  3. c increased concentration of hemoglobin, excessive/darker color
  4. d medications that prevent the blood from clotting or prevent existing clots from getting larger. Usually anticoagulant studies use the light blue topped tube. Usually patient is on coumadin
  5. e an abnormally low level of calcium in the blood

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  1. 10-15 ㎛, nucleus shape:bilobed or band, coarse nucleus structure; abundant colorless to light pink cytoplasm; Inclusions: large rounder oval red to red-orange granules
  2. age and or gender, HCT value (%)
    Neonate: 44-64
    Infant 1mo. 35-49
    Infant 6 mo. 30-40
    Child 1-10yrs 35-41
    Adult male 42-52
    Adult female 36-45
  3. Pertaining to deficiency in color; decrease in hemoglobin in red blood cells.
  4. EDTA/ethylenediaminetetra acetic acid citrates, heparin, oxalates
  5. tests performed to assess the compatibility of blood to be transfused

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  1. elevated basophil levelshould be higher than 40 mg/dL to help prevent heart disease by carrying bad cholesterol away from the arteries


  2. red blood cell indicesMathematic ratios of the three red blood cell tests (hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cell count)


  3. aspartate aminotransferase: AST (SGOT) testenzyme found in several tissues to assist in the confirmation of a myocardial infarction


  4. irrigating earsused to remove excessive or impacted cerumen; to remove a foreign body; or to treat the inflamed ear with an antiseptic solution; removes excess cerumen, Direct solution toward roof of canal; about 1:00 position, ear lavage


  5. blood urea nitrogen: BUNWhite, African-Amarican, Hispanic, Asian
    O+: W=37%, AA=47%, H=53%, A=39%
    O-: W=8%, AA=4%, H=4%, A=1%
    A+: W=33%, AA=24%, H=29%, A=27%
    A-: W=7%, AA=2%, H=2%, A=0.5%
    B+: W=9%, AA=18%, H=9%, A=25%
    B-: W=2%, AA=1%, H=1%, A=0.4%
    AB+: W=3%, AA=4%, H=2%, A=7%
    AB-: W=1%, AA=0.3%, H=0.2%, A=0.1%