15 terms

Spanish 2B - Reflexive Verbs

He wakes up.
Se despierta.
I shave.
Me afeito.
They shower.
Se duchan.
You bathe.
Te bañas.
We look at ourselves.
Nos miramos.
They go to bed.
Se acuestan.
I brush my teeth.
Me cepillo los dientes.
You comb your hair.
Te peinas el pelo.
She washes the dishes.
Lava los platos.
We wash our hands.
Nos lavamos las manos.
They put on make-up.
Se maquillan.
He falls asleep.
Se duerme.
I put on my shirt.
Me pongo la camisa.
You get dressed.
Te vistes.
They dry off.
Se secan.