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Nursing of the Childbearing Family

When counseling a teenage pregnant woman, the nurse asks, "Why is eating enough protein important for the baby?" This is an example of determining which type of cognitive development?

Abstract thinking

The nurse is on the planning committee to establish a prenatal clinic for teenage mothers. Which of the following suggestions would be most helpful in eliminating barriers for the teenager seeking health care in this planned clinic?

Have the clinic funded to operate in the evenings and on Saturday

The best way for the nurse to evaluate the quality of a pregnant adolescent's diet is to:

Ask her to describe what she ate the previous day

One comparison between teenage mothers and mature primiparas is that they lack:

Peer support because their friends do not have babies

Correct advice for women who ask about alcohol use during pregnancy is that it is:

Important to avoid it entirely throughout the pregnancy

Correct advice for women who ask about marijuana use during pregnancy is that it is:

Important to avoid it entirely throughout the pregnancy

A woman has admitted to repeated cocaine use during her pregnancy. The nurse should be aware of which complication during labor of this mother?

Abruptio placentae

A priority nursing diagnosis for a laboring woman who recently used cocaine would be:

Risk for injury

When an infant is born with an unexpected birth defect, it is best to:

Tell the parents at once and allow them to hold the infant if possible

One day after delivering a newborn with spinal bifida, the nurse walks into the mother's room and she is crying. The mother states, "It's because I had that glass of wine with dinner before I knew I was pregnant. It is entirely my fault." The nurse should be aware that the mother is experiencing:

Guilt, which is normal behavior

When first presenting a stillborn infant with anomalies to the parents, the nurse should:

Emphasize the most normal aspects of the infant before showing them the anomaly

A new mother has stated she is going to give her infant up for adoption. She refused to see the infant after the birth, but has just asked the nurse to describe what the infant looks like. The nurse can best help this mother by:

Encouraging her to see and hold the infant

A woman who is 8 months pregnant is admitted to the maternity unit after being kicked in the abdomen by her boyfriend. The boyfriend is visiting the next day and tells the woman, "I am so sorry. It will never, never happen again. Please come back to me." The nurse is aware that this is an example of which phase of the cycle of violence?

Honeymoon phase

The main goal when caring for a battered woman is to:

Emphasize that she has the right not to be hurt

When counseling a teenage woman who is 8 months pregnant and seeking health care for the first time, the nurse is aware that there are alternatives available to this woman. What would these be?

Continue the pregnancy and place the infant for adoption, Keep the infant

A nurse who deals primarily with teenagers who are pregnant is aware that the pregnancy will cause which of the following?

A financial burden that is difficult for teenagers, Emotional upheaval as they make decisions about their future and the future of the child, Higher risk factors for the mother and infant

Women who delay pregnancy until after the age of 35 are at greater risk for which of the following?

Genetic disorders, Preeclampsia, Cesarean birth, Placenta previa, Preterm labor

Which of the following are consequences of maternal cigarette use during pregnancy?

Prematurity, Neurologic development problems, Sudden infant death syndrome

Signs associated with frequent or recent use of crack cocaine in the mother include which of the following?

Increased body temperature, Profuse sweating, Hypertension

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