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Irregular Preterite


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I walked
He got a dog for his birthday.
Tuvo un perro para su cumpleaños
They did not come to the party.
No vinieron a la fiesta.
He did the homework last night.
Él hizo la tarea anoche.
I went to school.
Fui a escuela.
We saw the movie.
Vimos la película.
They drove to the house yesterday. (In Spain)
Condujisteis a la casa ayer.
The teacher told the students.
El maestro les dijo a los estudiantes.
She tried to make cookies.
Ella quiso hacer galletas.
He brought food to the party.
Trajo comida a la fiesta.
You translated the verbs.
Tradujiste los verbos.
Did you make dinner?
¿Hiciste la cena?
I tried to understand.
Quise comprender.
We drove to the beach.
Condujimos a la playa.
I brought his dog to school.
Traje su perro a escuela.
You all translated.
I drove you.
Te conduje.
I put the keys down.
Puse las llaves abajo.
You found out the truth.
Supiste la verdad.
You guys did not go (in Spain).
No fuisteis.
She was sick.
Ella estuvo enferma
You put on the dress.
Te pusiste el vestido.
I couldn't go.
No pude ir
Could she call me back?
¿Me pudo llamar?
He brought us crackers.
Él nos trajo las galletas.
I brought you a gift.
Yo te traje un regalo.
They walked
ellos anduvieron
I refused to do it.
No quise hacerlo.
We found out
nosotros supimos
Who came to the party?
¿Quién vino a la fiesta?
She didn't tell me.
Ella no me dijo.
I saw you
Te vi
He gave me it.
Él me lo dio.
I put on my shoes.
Me puse los zapatos
What did you bring me?
¿Qué me trajiste?
last night
the day before yesterday
por primera vez
for the first time
por fin
la semana pasada
last week
We refused to answer.
No quisimos responder.