14 terms

animal and plant cell parts

controls center of the cell-
direct all of the cells activites
The brain
strands of genetic material in the nucleus
small round object in the nucleus, makes ribosomes
thick jelly like fluid,
Region between the cell membrane and nucleus
produce energy for the cell
powerhouse of the cell,
Cell wall
thick nonliving material that surrounds the plant cell,
shapes and supports a plant cell
cell membrane
Outside boundary in animal cell
controls what goes into and out of the cell.
Also called the gate keeper.
Endoplasmic Reticulum( E.R)
The "passageways ( highways)" in the cell,
carry proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another
Factories to produce proteins
small structures on E.R and in the cytoplasm
Golgi Bodies
flattened sacs and tubes
receive proteins and other newly formed material
distribute them to other parts of the cell
found in plant cells mostly, some plant like organisms have them too
capture sunlight to make food for the plants
Storage area of the cell
stores food, water, other material, and waste products
small round structures
break down large food particles into smaller ones
tiny cell structures that carry out specific functions in the cell

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