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Theatre Final

What is America's greatest contribution to world theatre?
The Broadway Musical
What city remains the international capital of the world's musical theatre?
New York
What show is considered the beginning of the American Musical Theatre?
The Black Crook
What 1927 musical has a complex plot that is carried by singing and dancing, touches significantly on race relations in America and contains the famous song, "Ol' Man River?"
Show Boat
What musical retells the story of Romeo and Juliet with a contemporary polish American as Romeo and a contemporary Puerto Rican American as Juliet?
West Side Story
Which artist is credited with changing the face of the American musical in such works as Sweeny Todd, Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park with George?
Steven Sondheim
Who raised dance to a new level of prominence when he developed a new choreographic style in a series of musicals that he directed and choreographed, among them "Sweet Charity," "Pippin," "Chicago?"
Bob Fosse
What lyricist sought to write "a more primitive type of lyric...expressing my own true convictions and feelings, "among them the following words from Oklahoma! : "Oh, what a beautiful morning;!/ Oh, what a beautiful day!"?
Oscar Hammerstein II
Which production introduced full frontal nudity to the genre of musical?
Which lyricist for Rent brought a rock and rap beat to its music and a script and staging that derived from cast improvisations?
Jonathan Larson
What show directed by avant-garde director Julie Taymor, was winner of the 1998 Tony Award for the best musical that recaptured both African jungle and universal myth, creating a magnificent and unique blend of African, Asian, and American performance styles?
The Lion King
Who was the first of the choreographer-directors, trained in both ballet and acting, and responsible for the staging of such works as "The King and I" and "West Side Story"?
Jerome Robbins
What were circumstances surrounding the premiere of Marc Blitztein's 1938 musical "The Cradle Will Rock," which concerns the struggle to organize a union of steelworkers against the opposition of Mr. Mister, the town's leading capitalist?
It was canceled 1 hour before its New York opening by U.S. government officials who objected to the play's "left-wing propaganda."
How have the current Broadway hits, "The Lion King," "The Producers," "Rent," and "Wicked" attracted new audience to the theatre?
They have created a contemporary musical context and it has brought to Broadway a younger audience as well as the technology of the contemporary rock concert era with its heart-pumping sound amplification and lighting dazzle.
What kinds of serious subjects have the modern musical tackled?
Gang violence, unemployment and its sexual consequences, infidelity and betrayal, environmental degradation, immigration and assimilation, the exploitation of scandal and sexual anomalies in American popular culture, oppression in race relations, and sexual ignorance and its ramifications.
Who is the late American playwright whose plays, including "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," "Fences," and "The Piano Lesson," concern an entire twentieth century history of black America?
August Wilson
Which contemporary Chicano theatre was founded by Luis Valdez to dramatize the farmworkers' situation in California?
El Teatro Campesino
Which genre, which features little or no speaking in pieces like "Contact" by Susan Stroman, or a newly revisioned "Car Man" (Carmen) by Matthew Bourne, has moved from relative obscurity to the winning of Tony awards in recent years?
Dance Theatre
What are professional theatres operating on significantly reduced budgets found primarily in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and upper East and West sides of Manhattan became collectively known as?
What is the city that stands as America's Second City for theatrical culture, a breeding ground for American actors and directors, and is also the home base for playwrights like David Mamet?
What is the formalization of post-play thinking and conversation called?
Dramatic Criticism
What is the advantage of the proscenium stage?
The arch frames the action, while the backstage activity is concealed.
What is contained in a journalist's review of a play or musical?
A firsthand audience-oriented response to the production, often vigorously and wittily expressed, and may serve as a useful consumer guide for the local theatergoing public.
What form does dramatic criticism take?
When it is formalized into writing, it can take many forms: production reviews, essays about plays or play productions, commentaries in theatre programs or theatre journals, magazine feature articles on theatre artists, and scholarly articles or books.
Are reviews important in the marketing of theatre?