Chapters 30 & 31 - Seedless and Seed Plants

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-gametophyte dominant
-sperm swim from antheridia to archegonia
-fertilization forms zygote, which grows into sporophyte
-sporophyte releases spores which grow into new gametophyte

-sporophyte dominant
-fern fronds are part of mature sporophyte
-spores develop in sori (clusters of sporangia on underside of frond) and are dispersed by wind
-spores grow into gametophytes
-sperm of antheridia on underside of gametophyte swim to archegonia of neighboring gametophyte
-fertilization forms zygote which grows into another sporophyte

-Ovulate (female) cones
-larger, grow higher up on tree
-each woody scale has 2 ovules
-ovules contain megaspores that develop into female gametophytes
-mature female cones house seeds
-Pollen (male) cones
-smaller and lower than female cones
-pollen sacs produce
- microspores that grow into pollen (male gametophytes)
-Pollen (which will form sperm) is released from pollen cones and moves by wind to ovulate cones with contain eggs in ovules
-Fertilization occurs within female cone (15 months after pollination)
-Zygote develops into embryo enclosed in seed (forms from ovule)
-seeds mature (about 1 year after fertilization), are dispersed, and grow into sporophytes

-pollen develops in anther of stamen
-embryo sac (female gametophyte) develops within ovules contained in ovary of flower
-pollination (transfer of pollen from anther to stigma) occurs typically by animal or wind
-egg and sperm form zygote within ovule which develops into a seed
-ovary develops into fruit surrounding seed
-seed grows into new sporophyte