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In bone, the calcium phosphate forms crystals of_______


Cells that are found in the exposed matrix area of the endosteum are the ________


The shaft of long bones is called the _________


The head of a long bone is called the ________


The ______ is the organic component of the bone matrix.

perforating canals

Blood is distributed from the surface of a bone to deeper central canals by means of ________

epiphyseal plate

The region of a long bone where the epiphysis meets the diaphysis is known as the _________

articular cartilage

________ prevents damaging bone-to-bone contact within movable joints.

endochondral ossification

During the process of ______, an existing tissue is replaced by bone.


The process of depositing calcium into tissue is called _________

compression fracture

Damage to a bone because of extreme load, sudden impact, or stresses applied from an unusual direction is called a(n) _____


In _____ the size of the skeletal elements remains the same, but their mineral content decreases or even though the osteoblasts are working hard to form bone.

surface features

Any projection or bump on a bone is termed a(n) _______


A(n) _______ is a bony extension that makes an angle to the rest of the bone.


The expanded articular end of an epiphysis that is separated from the shaft by a narrower neck is termed a(n) ________


A smooth, grooved articular process shaped like apulley is termed a(n) _______


A(n) _____ is a rounded passageway for passage of blood vessels and / or nerves.


The adult skeleton contains _____ major bones.


_______ are remarkably stronger than steel.


The process of producing new bone matrix is called _________.


_________ cells remove and recycle bone matrix.


The matrix in spongy bone forms struts and plates called _________


A(n) _______ fracture is completely internal and does not break the skin,


An open or _______ fracture projects through the skin.


A(n) _______ fracture shatters the bone.


A fracture of the bone across its long axis is called a(n) ______ fracture.

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