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  1. Pancreas
  2. Esophagus
  3. Permanent Teeth
  4. Peristalsis
  5. Cirrhosis
  1. a 32 permanent teeth
    8 incisors
    4 Canines
    8 premolars
    12 molars
  2. b liver cells are destroyed and replaced by connective tissue, most commonly caused by alcholism
    one cause of jaundice: build up of billirubin from RBC recycling, causes yellowing of skin and sclera
  3. c form of propulsion
    involves the contraction and relaxation of muscles in the alimentary canal
  4. d Exocrine functions: produces digestive enzymes
    Endocrine Functions: Produces insulin and glucagon
  5. e muscular tube
    propels swallowed food to stomach
    esophageal hiatus (opening of diaphragm)

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  1. bringing into
    nutrient transport into blood/lymph vessels
  2. Hormone secretion
  3. mucin secretion to protect stomach lining
  4. serous membranes of the abdominopelvic cavity
  5. 2nd most common cancer
    most arise from intestinal polyps

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  1. pathway of foodHydrochloric: acid secretion
    Gastric intrinsic factor: GIF binds to B12 assisting in B12 absorption
    hyposecretion of GIF leads to pernicious anemia


  2. AppendicitisDouble layer folds of the peritoneum
    support intraperitoneal organs
    1. greater omentum
    2. lesser omentum
    3. mesentary proper


  3. Mucosavascularized and innervated


  4. elimination of wasteslocal contractions of smooth muscle
    involved in mechanical digestion
    mixes food with digestive enzymes


  5. Intestinal obstructionmost common in males
    intestines push through the inguinal canal