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  1. Ingestion
  2. Peristalsis
  3. Inflammatory bowl disease
  4. Muscularis
  5. Femoral Hernia
  1. a form of propulsion
    involves the contraction and relaxation of muscles in the alimentary canal
  2. b taking food into mouth
  3. c most common in females
    intestines push through the femoral triangle
  4. d inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of muscle
    segmentation and peristalsis
  5. e periodic inflammation of intestinal wall
    symptoms include: cramping, diarrhea, weight loss, intestinal bleeding

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  1. 32 permanent teeth
    8 incisors
    4 Canines
    8 premolars
    12 molars
  2. mucin secretion to protect stomach lining
  3. inflammation of liver
    flu-like symptoms and jaundice
  4. molecules break down by enzymes
  5. Any hinderance to movement of chyme or feces

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  1. Parietal CellsHydrochloric: acid secretion
    Gastric intrinsic factor: GIF binds to B12 assisting in B12 absorption
    hyposecretion of GIF leads to pernicious anemia


  2. Colorectal cancercheeks, hard palate, palatal rugae, labia, labial frenulum, vestibule
    lips consist of non-keritonized stratified squamous epithelium
    ***initial location for mechanical and chemical digestion


  3. Hiatal HerniaStomach pushes through the esophageal hiatus


  4. LiverProduction of bile, detoxification, RBC recycling, storage of excess nutrients, production of blood proteins albumin, fibrinogen, globulin


  5. serosaEpithelial lining closest to lumen
    Esophageal mucosa is STRATIFIED SQUAMOUS