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  1. What is the starting molecule(s) of Fermentation
  2. NADP or NADD ?
  3. electrons charge
  4. How much ATP is produced for every 1 glucose during Glycolysis
  5. cell
  1. a Pyruvcacid ? (hard to read)
  2. b basic unti of all forms of life
  3. c neutral
  4. d 2 0r 4
  5. e nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate carrier molecule that transfers high energy eletrons from chlorophyll to other molecules

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  1. series of gradual changes that occor in a comminity following a disturbance
  2. relationship in which tow species live close together
  3. elements compounds that enter into a chemical senction?
  4. Phsuvic acid
  5. the total of the variety of organisms in the biosphere also called biological diversity

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  1. toleranceability of an oranism to survive and reproduce under circumstnaces that differ from their optimal conditions


  2. autotrophorganism that obtains food by consuming other living thins also called a consumer


  3. population densitynumber of individual per unit area


  4. What are the three subatomic particlesprotons neutrons electrons


  5. compoundsubstance forced by the chemical combination of two or more elements in definit propotions