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  1. hetesotroph
  2. How much ATP is produced for every 1 glucose during Aerobic Cellular Respiration
  3. dinsity independent limiting factor
  4. mitochondria
  5. biological magnification
  1. a limiting factor that affects all population in similar ways regardiless of the population density
  2. b the increasing concentration of a harmbul substance in organisms at higher hrophic? levels in a food chain or food web
  3. c organism that obtains food by consuming other living thins also called a consumer
  4. d cell organclic??? that converts the chemical energy stroed in food into compund that are more convenient for cells to use
  5. e up to 36

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  1. compond? Should their be more???
  2. cell organelle that breaks down lipids coarbohydrates and proteins into small molecules that can be used by the rest of the cell
  3. process that does not require oxygen
  4. process of diffusion in which molecules pass across the membrane through cell membrane channels
  5. scale with values from 0 to `14 used to measure the concontration of H+ ions in solution a PH of 0 to 7 is acidic a ph of 7 is neutral and a ph of 7 to 14 is basic

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  1. reactantelements or compounds that enters info a chemical reaction


  2. predationinteraction in which one organism (the predntor)captures and feeds on another organims(the prey)


  3. Krebs cyclessecond stage of cellulur respiration in which pyruns?? acid is broken down into carbon dioxide in a series of energy extracting reaction


  4. endoplasmic reticulumsymbiotic relationship in which one organism lives on or inside another organism and harms it


  5. competitive exclusion proncipleprinciple that states that no two species can occupy the same niche in the same habitat at the same time


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