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  1. choestion
  2. inference
  3. density dependent
  4. NADP or NADD ?
  5. biology
  1. a sticks to each other
  2. b a logical interpretation based on prior knowlede and experience
  3. c science of life
  4. d nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate carrier molecule that transfers high energy eletrons from chlorophyll to other molecules
  5. e limiting factor that depends on population density

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  1. innermost compartment of the mitochondsioa
  2. splitting of ecosystems into pieces
  3. cluster of chlorophyll and proteins found in thylakoids
  4. pressure that must be applied to prevent movement osmotiv??? movement across a selectively prermeable membrane
  5. macromoleculs that contain carbon hydrogen oxyen and nitrogen needed by the body for rowth and repair

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  1. reactionsotsucture???? in an animal cell that helps to orgainze cell division


  2. calvin cyclelight independent reactions of photosynthesis in which enery from ATp AND nadph IS USED TO BUILD THIGH ENERGY COMPOUNDS SUCH AS SUGARS


  3. what is active transport8-14


  4. centrioleotsucture???? in an animal cell that helps to orgainze cell division


  5. limiting factorfactor that causes population growth to decrease