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  1. symbiosis
  2. consumer
  3. eukaryote
  4. biomass
  5. biology
  1. a total amount of living tissue within a given tsophic level
  2. b organism whose cells have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane
  3. c organism that relies on another organisms for its energy and food supply also called hetesotraph?
  4. d scientific study of life
  5. e relationship in which tow species live close together

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  1. pasticular prefecence or point of view that is personal rather than scientific
  2. experiment in which only one virable is changed
  3. light absorbing molecule used by plants to gather the sun's energy
  4. interaction in which one organism (the predntor)captures and feeds on another organims(the prey)
  5. cytoplasm

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  1. electrons chargeneutral


  2. productelements or compound produced by a chemical reaction


  3. photosystemcluster of chlorophyll and proteins found in thylakoids


  4. cellular respirtionprocess by which living organism harvest the energy in food molecules


  5. What is the starting molecule(s) of Krebs cyclePyruvcacid ? (hard to read)


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