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  1. what does the mass number tell you
  2. ribosome
  3. Cell
  4. chemical reactions
  5. fermentation
  1. a smallest unit that can perform all the life processes
  2. b cell organelle consisting of RNA and protien found throughout the cytoplasm in a cell the sit of protein synthesis
  3. c the protons and nutrons of an atom
  4. d process that changes or transforms one set of chemical into another set of chemicals
  5. e process by which cells release energy in the absence of oxygen

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  1. principal pigment of plants and other photosynthetic organisms
  2. 2 0r 4
  3. each stip in a food chain or food web
  4. process of diffusion in which molecules pass across the membrane through cell membrane channels
  5. Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle Electron Transport

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  1. what is the ending product(s) of GlycolusisDysnic Acid 2ArD


  2. What are the three subatomic particles7


  3. anuerobicorganism that is able to capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use it to produce its own food from inorganic compound also called a producer


  4. What is the starting molecule(s) of Electron Transport chainDysnic Acid 2ArD


  5. habitatarea where an organism including the biotic and abiotic factors that affect it