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  1. carsy capacity???
  2. theory
  3. habitat
  4. lysosome
  5. playte
  1. a area where an organism including the biotic and abiotic factors that affect it
  2. b largest number of individuals of a particular species that a paricular environment can support
  3. c well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observation and hypothesis and enables scientists to make accurate predications about new situations
  4. d cell organelle that breaks down lipids coarbohydrates and proteins into small molecules that can be used by the rest of the cell
  5. e a water molucule is both part positve and parcity negitive

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  1. cytoplasm of cells
  2. they are rearranged
  3. full range of physical and biological conditions in which an organism lives and the way in which the organism thoes? conditions
  4. relatively constant internal pysical and chemical conditions that organisms maintain
  5. relationship in which tow species live close together

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  1. cohesionsticks to each other


  2. prokaryoteunicellular organisms that lack a nucleus


  3. cellular respirtionprocess of reproduction involving a sinle parent that results in offsprin that are genetically identical to the parent


  4. What is the ending product(s) of LacticAcid FermentationEthyl Alcohol


  5. catulystsubstance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction