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Milady's Chapter 12

the foundation for all artistic application
Principles of Design
the design process begins by analyzing the entire person and using the design elements and _________
the element of hair design that defines form and space
lines a constant distance apart in the same direction that are used to create width in a hair design
in the hair design process when deciding to take calculated risks it is important to have a strong foundation in __________
Form and Space
in the principles of design line defines _______________
lines positioned between horizontal and vertical used to emphasize or minimize facial features
One Length
an example of a hairstyle created using a single line
curved lines repeating ion opposite directions create ______
the type of line used to make a hairstyle appear longer and narrower
an example of a style using curved parallel lines that creates interest in a design
curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal and vertical lines
90 Degree Angle
contrasting lines that are horizontal and vertical lines that create a hard edge and form
the part of the overall design that the client will respond to first
the form or mass of a hairstyle may also be called _______
the 3 dimensional mass or general outline of a hairstyle is referred to as it's _________
Design Texture
natural wave patterns are described as ________
in hair design with every movement the relationship of form and what other design element change
hair texture changes can be created or changed temporarily with styling tools ;and permanently with __________
A Round Head Space
smooth wave patterns accent the face and can be used to narrow ______________________
the area surrounding the form
the wave pattern used to accentuate the face and narrow a round head shape should be ____________
the element used to define texture and line and tie design elements together
Bold, Dramatic Accent
a single line of color or a series of repeated lines create a ___________
Dark and Cool
colors that recede or move in toward the head creating the illusion of less volume are ____________
Darker and Cooler
Illusions of dimension or depth are created when lighter and warmer colors are alternated with colors that are ___________
for a client with gold skin tones a flattering hair color tone would be ___________
in designing for clients with larger broad shoulders the stylist would create styles with ___________
Asymmetrical Balance
in designing when opposite sides have different lengths or different volume and appear to have equal visual weight it is referred to as ____________________
to draw a line in a hairstyle in the direction you want the eye to travel use a ________
the comparative relationship in scale of one thing to another in hair design
establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry in a design
Symmetrical Balance
the hair design where both sides of a hairstyle form a mirror image of each other
the regular pulsation or recurrent pattern of movement in a design
the principles of hair design that holds all the elements of hair design together
the most important art principle that holds a design together
the facial type that is about one and a half times longer than its width across the brow
the facial shape with a narrow forehead and wide jaw and chin line
Wave Patterns and Hair Texture
the two defining characteristics of hair types
Facial Bones
a client's facial shape is determined by the position and prominence of the ___________
Height or Volume on top and no volume on the sides
the styling choice for a client with round facial type would be a style that has _____________