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EOC Physical Science Vocab #2


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Rate of change of the velocity of an object (how fast the velocity is changing).
Balanced Forces
The net force acting on an object is zero, and no change in motion occurs (when all forces equal zero).
Chemical Energy
The energy stored in chemical bonds of things like food and gasoline.
Effort Force
The force exerted on the machine that is used to do work.
A push or pull exerted on an object.
Force that opposes motion between two objects that are moving over each other.
Gravitational Force
The force that two objects exert on one another. The amount of which depends on distance apart and masses.
The tendency of an object to resist change in its motion. (Objects like to keep doing what they are doing).
Kinetic Energy
Energy in the form of motion.
Mechanical Advantage
The number of times a machine multiplies the effort force applied to it.
Potential Energy
Energy stored in things.
Resistance Distance
The distance that the machine must apply the force to overcome some sort of resistance.
Simple Machine
A device that makes doing work easier by increasing the force applied to an object, or by changing the direction of an applied force, or by increasing the distance over which a force can be applied.
The total distance an object travels divided by the total time of travel.
The force of gravity on the mass of an object.
The transfer of energy that occurs when a force makes an object move a certain distance.

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